Season 6 Patch Notes

Haven’t seen a thread on this, so:


  • 3 new maps – Canal, Gorge, & Rocky River
  • Expansion-exclusive maps join the Ranked map pool for a limited time
  • Empire Wars comes to Quick Match
  • Walls are easier and simpler to build
  • Several updates to AI
  • Plus balance changes and bug fixes

Sad to see basically no base civ changes.

Also very sad to see no full patch or stats for the new civs.

Wall changes are very hype however, and the small nerf to booming (particularly feudal TC strats) was done in a very tasteful way in my opinion.


I like that we are getting a lot of new maps!

Only thing that worries me is that this is a huge buff to English Longbow.
Was already hard against english to do anything other than staying in feudal and fighting or booming. But now it seems even booming will be out of the questions as the Longbow will outrange the TC.

I think would have been better to nerf TC in a way that applies equally to all civ. Instead of giving advantage to english. Maybe less HP + 7 villagers garrison limit, would have been better.

Overall this change is a big buff for english and civ with a defensive landmark like China and Rus who will still be able to boom. Or to civ that don’t need TC to boom like Ottoman and Mali. But a huge nerf for civs that don’t have defensive options in feudal, like HRE, or to Abbasyd.
Now with HRE booming will be even less viable, so even more people will be stuck into doing Fast Castle which was already the dominant strat.

Seems llike its a nerf to already weak civ and a buff to already strong civ IMO.


Longbows won’t outrange the landmark TC, it only effects multi-TC strategies. Frankly though the English kind of need the help, even in gold and silver elo they aren’t doing very well. Outside of the very favorable Ottoman matchup they are a slightly below average civ (except in bronze where they are basically perfect 50% winrate).

I would argue this will be a nerf to Rus and China. A big strength is being able to safely add the 2nd TC, which basically defended itself. Now that 2nd TC will be very raidable since usually it is usually used to claim a part of the map in addition to their landmark. Now only their starting base/landmark is safe.

HRE doesn’t really go 2nd TC currently anyways so this likely won’t meaningfully affect them. They definitely didn’t go 2 TC vs rushing cvs. Arguably this could be a buff for HRE since they can use knights/MAA to possibly raid in castle age in scenarios they normally wouldn’t (change doesn’t nerf Swabia too).

This change likely won’t affect Mali/Ottoman matchups much just because games they are in rarely care about 2nd TC defense (They aren’t very likely to raid anyway).

This is mostly an English/French buff (and they have been weaker civs for awhile) and a bit of a nerf to Rus/China but mostly Abbasid who was pretty solid right now.

The one minor concern is this might be a small buff to Mongols.

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I think its a huge nerf to Abbasid.

And small nerf to HRE as now they are even more predictable. Sometimes going 2 TC was good against agressive civ like English or French because you wouldnt have time to fast castle.
But now i think it’s completely unviable. And I was already struggling the most against those 2 civs with HRE. Going 2nd TC was what saved me against those civ. If the goal was to add more strategic variety, it completely misses the mark in the case of HRE, as its REMOVING variety.

I think it’s also good change for rus and china as they can still boom and put their TC near their defensive landmark. While other civs can’t really do that.

This change is good for
English → because now longbow outrange 2nd TC
Rus → defensive landmark can be built near TC
China → defensive landmark can be built near TC
Ottoman → Can boom without tc, military school + fast imp
Mali → Can boom without tC, gold pit and cows
Mongol → Can boom without tc, trade + ovoo

But really bad for:
Abbasyd → Relies on making a lot of TC.
HRE → Now even more predictable, before at least you could either go 2 tc or fast castle. 2TC was good against french and english because of early agression. Now i don’t see myself making 2TC at all against english with HRE.

About Delhi or French i’d say it’s neutral change. Depends of the opposing civ and strategy you go for.

Abbasyd and HRE are already sub 50 in the winrates.


YES!!! “Landmark Resizing”: This part makes me happy:

  • At least now, (probably), the wonder of the HRE, the Elzbach Palace, the Ottoman Sea Gate Castle, the Palace of the Sultan of Delhi, and the Rus Spasskaya Tower, make better use of their total space to have a more imposing and appropriate height.

  • The castles of several civ already occupy 4x4 spaces, and even so they look imposing. The fact that some Landmarks that represent castles do not cover the same space looked bad. It’s good that it was considered a change.

  • As additional information, I have just discovered, through the Bella Capilla YouTube channel, that the wonder of the HRE is not based, as previously believed, on the Danish Kronborg, but on a castle called “Forchtenstein Castle” in Austria.


Yeah hopefully it also includes the French Red palace as this landmark was SO tiny compared to regular keep.

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So the dev mentioned that the goal of TC nerf was to increase agency and strategic options. So let’s ignore who get buffed/nerfed for a second and see if this is really happening, in my opinion I think for some civs its actually reducing it.

Civ that it increases agency and strategic options:

Civ that it REDUCES agency and strategic options
-Ottoman → Even more fast imp + military school
-HRE → even more fast castle relics
-Delhi → Even more sacred site rush followed with fast castle, then making villager from keeps.
-Mali → Even more gold pit / cow boom
-Mongol → Even more trade and early agression

Civ that its neutral (doesnt change much in terms of choices)
-Abbasyd, i feel like it will nerf the civ overall, but they will still rely on making TC regardless.
-China, like abbasid, i don’t think they will move away from song dynasty boom. They will need to build their 2nd TC near the BBQ or their first TC though.

At best it’s achieving this goal for 3 / 10 civ IMO. And note that the 3 civ that got their versatility improved, are the 3 civs that were already the MOST versatile.

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I think that is definitely a BIG nerf to Abbasid since sometimes you would find a 2,3 or even 4 TC to secure a lot of the map while having a HUGE boom.

But am I the ONLY one that thinks that removing the possibility to chop the trees quickly by falling them to walk on top of them is bad? I mean in maps like Oasis it’s a leggit strat to send one villager to chop through the middle to get to the sacred sites next to the water. By removing this, a map like Oasis kinda losis it’s fun in my opinion. I don’t think it’s bad for the game since it does require some micro to pull off

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Great news on connecting to allied walls and resizing landmarks!

If some of the other buildings like the outposts, stables, archery range, barracks, etc, could be resized to be larger too, while taking up the same tile space, that would also be nice!

Would like the Dev’s to animate the chickens and stable horse too when they get the chance.


I was waiting for an improvement in AI.
In this patch, there are a lot of improvements to the AI, now I hope they really work as described.

I’m excited for both the DLC and the patch.

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I really like most of the patch notes. I’ve seen some streamers bemoan the chop-through being nerfed and I get it. It was something that was really fun to watch in some tournament games or FFAs. It was one of those small things that allowed for “heroic” moments and those are indeed fun. I think the reason for the nerf though is that the opportunity cost for that move was just too low, and that’s a big design mantra in RTS. Everything should have an opportunity cost; that’s part of the strategy. Many times it’s about deciding what to make easier for players and what to make harder, and for new players especially, the chop through was something that had such a low opportunity cost (as you could do it with just one idle villager) that I think it’s a good decision overall to remove it since it caused huge imbalances at the low level. But even at the high level, one villager should probably not be able to do all that. Maybe they could reintroduce it somehow in the future with an active villager ability like “clearcutting” or something to process a downed tree at 5x speed, but also without picking up the wood resources. Just my 2cents.

I don’t get the TC change

Do you disagree with the dev’s reasoning? I’m not a high-level player, but dual TC seems to be the thing everyone talks about.

I would say

Clear buff:
English - They don’t really get any bonus of going 2 TC feudal, and now can punish boom harder
Ottomans - 2 TC Ottomans is just not as good as their other strats, this is good if they choose to feudal rush
French - while they do like 2 TC themselves, they generally want to be the aggressive raiding civ
Mongol - they are strongest in feudal and rarely 2 TC boom (they have trade). Keshiks happy

Mostly neutral:
Malians - They don’t build 2 TC, but most of their matchups they very rarely raid (2 TC vs Malians usually doesnt work well)
Delhi - their games heavily revolve around sacred sites, raiding near TCs for either side is uncommon, maybe small buff to some matchups
HRE - they didn’t really go 2TC vs aggressive civs, maybe a very minor buff if they raid early castle, maybe a major buff if this makes heavy fedual plays playable, maybe they buff Meinwerk enough times it’ll work.
Rus - sizable nerf to their safety from 2nd TC and ability to secure extra food, but they also have the ability to go early knights and raid

Clear nerf
China - any non-chokepoint map they lose a lot of safety or resource control (barbican can’t protect everything), and they basically always go 2TC
Abbasid - clearly most nerfed civ, their biggest weakness was already feudal aggression vs their multi-TCs. They may divert into more aggressive feudal military wing plays in some matchups.

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They reduced the number of people who can take shelter in “New” urban centers, as well as their range:

  • That way, in case of enemy RUSH, and unlike Age II (limit:15), the new urban centers are no longer as safe as before to shelter villagers (limit now:7), and now it will be more necessary than before to build more Outpost to shelter villagers in case of rush.

I suppose the change comes to allow other strategies other than double TC in feudal, especially in ranked.
Now building second TC in feudal is not so safe, and one must prioritize whether to risk the economic boom, rush, or play turtle until the castle age.

The civ really most affected are the Mongols, who since their urban center only costs wood and is also mobile, it was ideal to build several as an economic Boom strategy at the same time as it was like a mobile fortress that shoots arrows.

With the new Stone Wall mechanics that do not allow enemies to enter through the doors, and allow villagers to enter on both sides of the tower, it may also be necessary to evaluate whether an outpost stone wall is not more profitable to maintain to make the villagers safe, especially against Heavy Cavalry Rush; against archers, outposts will still be the most profitable option.


I was very excited to see that they were finally scaling the cost of wonders which had been promised for probably over a year at this point.

I was then immediately disappointed to see that instead of substantially scaling down the 1v1 cost, they only dropped it to 5k resources all around, which is still wait too expensive to make it a viable strategy or a way to deal with stalemates in a quick way.

It needs to come down to at least 4k all around to be viable in my view. I know wonders do rarely come up in 1v1s currently, but the whole point od the change was to make them a way to break stalemates.

I dont play team games so I have not opinion about the cost increases for those scenarios.

I would argue this change least affects Mongols. Building multiple TCs as Mongols barely existed as a strategy in part because they have really strong trade, but also their TCs are very expensive.

It mostly affects Abbasid with their cheaper TC and main strategy of going 2-3 TCs.

Stone towers are unchanged themselves and still way to expensive to ever justify pretty much (maybe on like mountain pass or black forest)

Their approach to NOT making any huge civ changes appears to be measured. You have a new set of factions comin into the mix and their overall nerf on boom actually completely changes the dynamic

-static distance starting resources and TC (potential nerf to MONGOLS AND RUS)
-Weaker 2nd TC, nerf to everyone that typically blindly went into 2nd TC.

Lets see how the old and the new matchups shake up?

I’m happy with resources spawn changes
Wall changes
Tc nerfs
Villagers ai not going idle sitting when standing next to gather able resources…

SINCE THIS IS RELIC. There will be a slew of changes not mentioned in the patch that we’ll figure out and appreciate later lol.

I see wonders as a very alternative method of winning a game and when it comes to 1v1 I feel the majority don’t even think about going for wonder victory.

Perhaps they will adjust it more later, but something tells me they have the same view on the wonder victory for 1v1 games and it most likely won’t change any time soon to cheaper resource costs.