Season One patch is awesome!

Loving the update, mostly been buried in custom games with Nomad and MegaRandom. :smiley:


Wow so many new maps and mods… I was stucked for about 5 minutes in the custom game lobby to understand all that kind of new stuff. I have tried castle blood automatic mod 4vs4, wow was a blast, never tried before. Very funny!
Also tried a random one in rim ring map with double villager production! Epic


Seems like someone haven’t seen how is the game now .

Go on! Download and test it again ! If you don’t like it , well it’s a shame .

Rlly? Running really god for me

What are your specs?

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Yep , I truly agree on that

But you dont remneber that a bad experience keeps inside forever so its understandable. The game wasn’t the best thing and the lack of better civ design and game pacing are still there.

I know game isnt full developed but at current state game give me some epic fights that I am looking for. Right direction devs :slight_smile:


Enjoying the new season but matchmaking has been super bugged for me today. Had a desync error, sometimes a QM has no countdown, can’t quit games properly, people dropping from games, etc.

They’ve finally added the only major thing the game needed…content.

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Mods… :wink:


I’m really enjoying the custom hotkeys. However, some of my custom hotkeys appear to interfere with the normal function of the game (eg customizing typing V twice for idle villagers will also cause whatever units you had selected to stand ground).

so the current hotkeys are bugged or imcomplete…

That’s related to Grid Hotkeys. If you want to use V for something other than the grid, you should remap the grid hotkey elsewhere.


Yup. This. I just had to remap hotkeys so they didn’t interfere with grid keys.

wrong the game is facked up now …cant join a custom game because they all have wrenches on them…it ruined the game …there was no need for this …cant join a lobby match because i dont have 20000000 separate mods installed …

mods are installed automatically when you enter the game!

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Then my game ain’t working right

I don’t care anymore I’m gonna quit I can’t win the game is not even any fun I don’t even have fun matches I get crushed and beat every single game I don’t have a chance it feels like I’m playing professional gamers I’m not gonna pay anymore money to Microsoft and I’m not gonna buy ultimate pass anymore they can keep their $15

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This update is really good, there’s nothing wrong with it except the slowness. I expect future updates to be of this level, but if possible, hopefully we can wait a bit shorter.


Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jeeze coming to the game forums to tell people how you don’t like the game is like going to a pizza restaurant and exclaiming you don’t like the pizza