Season Three Public Update Preview on 13 September

From Sept 13th-27th there will be a PuP with the new civs on Steam.

Official announcement can be seen here :

I wish those PuP’s are not Steam only.


only 2 weeks?? HOPEFULLY they extend it to mid Oct :frowning:

That’s how it usually is, they need some time between it ending and the patch going live.

This includes, among other items, the final unit speech for the civilizations of the Malians (Malinke) and Ottomans (Turkish). In this preview, the new civilizations are using the English civilization unit speech. This is a placeholder only as we work to finalize the unit speech of these two new civilizations with care.

There is only one month left, and even the dubbing has not been done, which is very worrying about the completion of these two civilizations.

Why is that worrying? That’s likely the very last thing they do.

It is not a worry in the slightest, probably just not implemented and mixed to a satisfying standard. Issues with audio or not properly mixed audio can be an extreme problem.

So rather finish it and then implement.

now is when the game will be completely finished, the cost of the “wonder” was pending, depending on the number of players, 1v1 should reduce the 6 thousand, of “wonder”