Seasonal Changes Concerns

I really have concerns about the changes that “festival of the ages” , season 1 code name will bring to the table . Let me explain.

This season has a “festival” style but in what place of the game is it represented ?

For now i cant see where the game has the “festival” style .

This piece of wonderfull art , has the festival style but IN WHERE we are going to be able to see the style of this season?

Thats my main question and its concerning me a lot , because the update its great and everything but this update was named “festival of the ages” for some reason and i want to know what is going to change with that name .

Just masteries? Cmon ! thats a boring way to intruduce seasons! Why cant you change a litle bit the UI or the Menu Background!? Like in Aoe2!

(Please devs , confirm if this is true or not , nobody will complain but i JUST need to know this , i can leave wonderfull feedback by just getting a single response)


You are already taking conclusions here. Give it a week and judge them on what they did, not on what you haven’t seen yet.

I have been testing a Beta, I think about 2 months ago, where you could unlock kites for your TC…
(If I remember correctly, it had to do with a certain rank (gold or higher) in ranked mode.)

Only a couple more days mate :smiley: , and than we will have answers.

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oh nonono hahah , this wasnt a conclusion , it was an statement , if seasonal changes only affects masteries then they should not give seasons a name imo

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