Sebastopol Mortar need a nerf

Here is the issue, they don’t have to pack and unpack and are fast enough to run from culverins.

Every time I face those, my culvs come in place and start unpacking, but if my opponent is smart enough, he’ll retreat and I completely miss my shot at killing them.
He then deals with my useless culverins (they have no target at that point) and bring back the mortars.
I watch as my army is destroyed by those monsters while I am creating culverins.
Rinse and repeat.
(heavy cav is destroyed by Javelin Riders BTW, so its not efficient at all)

I suggest to have those need to unpack and have an extremely small speed in that mode. That would make them unable to escape as easily.
Right now those are a plague in Treaty and I’m sure people have experienced a similar issue in Supremacy.



Yes, I agree the combination fast move and no unpack time is too strong…


hem, no se si sean tan fuertes contra artillería, ya que tienen un bonus bastante negativo contra esta (x0,10) y son bastante lentos la verdad con una velocidad de 3 máximo y son bastante caros, de que son monstruos contra infantería, joder si que lo son eso no se puede negar

You are right, they are not strong against artillery, but they dont have to: they outrange most other artillery (Falconets and Horse Artillery) and have enough line of sight and speed to avoid culverins (and most other artillery for that mater).
So they never have to stay in an artillery war: they can easily escape and come back when the threat is gone (plus they heal by themselves with a card or Abun).


completely agree, in supremacy that cannon is in your base at 9min30 10min max, gl for defend that with one ton of gascenya or javs ( gascenya 12 atk X4 vs cav in melee, you can’t catch them with heavy cav and then you need culv, many culv )


they can make it like the flying crow, shadow tech it when it reaches industrial with the current stat.

Age 3 stat will have reduced HP , atk and range.

I think 27-28 range is viable since its a one off.

I do think it needs to survive more than 2 culvs shots, or else its kinda meaningless, maybe make 3 shots be the break point