Second Public Update Preview (PUP)

Tomorrow June 7 there will be a second PuP.

I wonder why those things are Steam only. I bought the game outside steam.

  • Is it due to some Xbox policy or it’s easier to implement on steam
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How did you find out?

From the official twitter.

Not much info but heres the link to the anouncement page:

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Steam already has the infrastructure for optimally trying out demos and betas etc. Microsoft doesnt have that stuff sadly. HOWEVER i hope rhey eould at least post the PUP notes on this site and not require we go thru Steam JUST to read the notes.

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The first one was open to anyone. But was only on steam. They should have it as a free play for new people to try the game and xbox players can try it aswell.

Probably easier with only 1 platform and steam