Secondary Team Bonus?

What secondary team bonus would you like to see on civs? This is a hypothetical discussion. There’s pretty much 100% chance no secondary team bonus would ever happen. But let’s go back in time to September 30, 1999, and let’s say a secondary team bonus was part of the norm from the very beginning.

Why not a culture bonus, something minor to spice it up.

Like mediterranean culture docks work 10% faster
Or muslim/middle eastern camels have +10hp

Etc etc


That’s a cool idea, are you thinking culturally similar civs would all have the same bonuses (perhaps stackable) or each civ would have a specific bonus that effects other culturally similar civs?

Option A would look like: Muslim camels have +10hp. So Berbers Turks and Saracens all give each other +10 stacking to +30 when you have a team of 3.

Option B would look like: Berbers give Muslim allies +10hp to camels.

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To be honest i was thinking a culture bonus as a common bonus for any individual civ within the culture group, but not a bonus to be shared or stacked with the team

But it may be interesting

was trying to think of a roman bonus for teuton, franks byzantines and italians but i couldt think of anything

i mean all got cav tho

That’s really a cool idea. I think the biggest difficulty is you can’t divide 35 civs evenly. 35 is neither divisible by 3 nor 4. Also some civ will be harder to put in a group like Indians. If you put them with RoR civs, there will be 5 in a group. And then if you put Berbers with Middle Eastern, you have only 2 for Africa. Some can be done pretty easily though like -

Native American trio : Aztecs+Mayans+Incas - They are already so strong. Give them a culture bonus as bad as Incas TB…11
Eastern Asian trio : Chinese, Japanese, Koreans - A naval bonus
Central Asian trio : A new SL bonus maybe?
Mediterranean trio : Italians, Portuguese, Spanish - Another gunpowder bonus for gunpowder trio
Roman trio : Byzantines, Italians, Teutons - Maybe a cav bonus

Teutons: Second Team Bonus
Monks gain +3 conversion range

Either that or their healing range buff becomes the second team bonus, I’m pretty sure the byzantines would appreciate that

Or just +3 los on monks

all hypothetical because i don’t see something like this happening due to power creeping the game.
Aztecs, Mayans, Incas - Infantry units +2 attack vs buildings
Britons, Celts, Franks, Spanish, Portuguese - some sort of water bonus
Teutons, Byzantines, Italians - some sort of monk Bonus
Goths, Huns, Vikings - Villagers harvest non food resources 5% faster
Slavs, Bulgarians, Magyars, Lithuanians - some sort of scout oriented bonus
Cumans, Tatars, Persians, Turks - Scouts + 3 Attack vs Siege (modify as needed).
Saracens, Berbers, Indians - Camels +3 attack vs Siege (modify as needed)
Malians, Ethiopians - Infantry +2 attack vs infantry
Burmese, Khmer, Vietnamese, Malay - some sort of elephant bonus
Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Mongols - +5 Population

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Portuguese - gunpowder unit accuracy increased by 20%

Slavs - Siege Units Garrisonable in castles

Huns - mounted units gain + 10% speed

Mongols - Siege + 3 LOS

Goths - Villagers use hunting bows in battle when more than a tile away vs units

Incas - All allies gain a llama

Yeah that would be awesome. Just like how only steppe nomad civs get the steppe lancers. Or the eagles or camels, elephants too. Would relight the argument about the vietnamese and whether they should be considered east asian or southeast asian though lol. Would probably swing the game out of balance though. But hey, it isn’t happening anyway.