Seige needs a pop increase

Seige is way to strong needs a population increase by a lot so people dont mass produce like
6 population per one. Tried of seige in this game.

Siege was nerfed and cav completely destroy it now. Won a 2v1 after building wonder in FFA today because they both had siege heavy armies.

The only siege that needs nerfing is rams and perhaps great bombards imo.

But mainly rams. So tired of the ram spam meta in team games.

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I agree rams are strong, but also very wood heavy. I like how they are now because there needs to be a way to break a long tied battle end game. If one can mass spam rams, they have a pretty large eco advantage already.

If you hate siege, just play 1v1. Most games don’t get to the point of seeing much siege outside of a mango or 2 or maybe a couple springalds.

yeah but 1v1 is a snooze fest.

I would argue 1v1 is not only the most balanced game mode, but also the most intense. Only 2v2 really comes close, anything with more than 4 players frequently turns into a boomfest, and then a-move big armies while microing siege.

The game is clearly more balanced around 1v1 games than they are team games.