Seige needs a population increase

The segie to kill infanty needs a heavy nerf plus a population in crease why are the updates for this game anymore. Or just remeve from game if u wont nerf it. It needs a population of 5 or 6

a nerf to the springald

Springalds should be PURE counter-siege like culverines in aoe3.
Also culverines should be PURE countersiege.

Ok buddy, if u take away siege, how will you counter range masses?


The problem of the siege is not only the siege itself, it is the composition of the armies, a composition of mangonels with lancers (pikes) makes the cavalry completely useless against siege groups, or the same, crossbowmen plus mangonels leaves it completely disabled to foot units mainly to MAA, the best thing in my opinion is to improve the range of the Springalds or improve the deployment speed/attack speed

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Relic should just have learned from how the counter system in aoe3(de) works.
There it’s being done beautifully.
Cavalry and melee infantry hardcounter siege, culverines hardcounter siege.
Ranged light cav counters siege.
Siege hardcounters light ranged infantry.
Heavy infantry hardcounters cavalry and also light ranged cavalry in melee range.
Light ranged cavalry can kite and easily snipe heavy melee infantry, but loses to it in melee range hard.
Light infantry hardcounters heavy infantry (at range).
Light infantry hardcounters light ranged cavalry.

Aoe4 compared is a complete mess and maa don’t really have a straight-forward role.
The maa are the whole issue in the puzzle, absolutely weird class of units.
The whole drama of mangos comes from maa.

Aoe4 is leaned too strongly towards aoe2 (for example blacksmith techs) in counters and roles.
It is trying to copy a very old system (1998) while modernizing it in some way but not modernizing the very most outdated aspects.
Aoe2 works because it’s aoe2 and it is well established and the core of the game is same since 1998.
Aoe4 does not work right, because the aoe2 system was copied and partially modified, plus new aspects came on top.
They should have just straight copied aoe3 system and transferred that to medieval times, because it also works perfectly as aoe2 but is far more modern and progressive.

I agree. The sieges are the bane of this game

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Yeah I mean I don’t like siege wars but then u need cav to really hard counter ranges units. The thing right now is u need to make horseman to counter archer, xbow masses. The problem is archer and xbows counter Maa, knights, spearman while horseman only counter ranged units and most of the horses will die before they reach the mass. And if he have some spearman defending it’s a destruction. That’s why u need mangonels. If horseman had like 4-5 or even more ranged armor that would be okay I guess or give them way more bonus dmg against range.

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