Seige of Wallingford tips

Has anyone got any tips on beating this on intermediate or above? Failed twice so far. I just end up getting overwhelmed with all the attacks from the different camps and can only manage to destroy one camp maximum. Maybe I need to treat it more like a normal game of AOE4 and focus more on my economy so I have more units faster etc? Or there could be some cheese walling their camps in maybe. Any tips?

What building are you meant to research flaming arrows at for archers?

From what I remember, when they come at you with a battering ram just burn it down as fast as possible with MMA and run back in and let archers finish them off. When they come with the siege tower, which is usually next to the castle from what i remember I abandoned the walls and garrisoned the castle with the archers.

naturally macro while you are at it.

When reinforcements came I had enough army on both sides to just wipe them all out. this was on intermediate.

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Hi @MISTERSMELL, I had to play this through a few times before being victorious. Here are a few tips that worked for me.

  1. Ramp up your economy early. Continue to produce villagers.
  2. Build a monastery and train a few monks to heal your units out of combat.
  3. Produce a lot of man-at-arms and crossbowmen. Max out your population.
  4. Let the enemy come to you. Don’t go chasing down units because other groups of units will notice and then engage. Slow and steady wins the race.
  5. Instead of navigating around the palisades, destroy them in the front near the outposts, so access to destroy the outposts is much easier.
  6. Be smart about your engagements, thinking about unit counters.
  7. Research all available upgrades that help your army.
  8. Rebuild walls and gates after they are destroyed with a few villagers to maintain your defenses.

I never thought of putting archers in the castles. This makes them fire more? I will try! Must have failed 6 times now…

Ty for tips! :slight_smile: I will try all of this. Haven’t tried monks yet. I did manage on one run to destroy every outpost but then failed on the enemy’s final assault… very painful!

I hope that the enemy has limited troops only.

I managed to win this on hard by using MAA to shift-queue down rams and immediately retreat. My army in that mission consisted only out of MAA and longbows. I was mostly producing MAA since the longbows did rarely die on walls. Later on I added catapults from the keep.

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Ty. Just died again after destroying all outposts in their final push because not enough units. Will try your way/ maybe watch a video of successful completion.

In all defenses I always build rows of palisades in front of the walls to slow the enemy down while I destroy his siege weapons

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This could be good ty

Gave advice for later mission lol I have edited it now


Train up lots of longbows to line the walls. Tell them to stand ground, and put campfires covering all the longbows on your walls to keep them healed.

Also train up MAA

build towers on your walls, upgrade to balista.

Make sure your vills are repairing your walls/towers.

Use MAA to kill their rams and run back inside

Rinse and repeat to deal with the attacks.

Build mangonels!!! They wreck.

Oh, and if you have the option to upgrade your network of castles bonus at your castle, I would have done that as well, as I did for other missions.

For the reinforcements, have your knights stay away from their spears, and hit their ranged and siege instead

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You can’t age up in this scenario unfortunately. Mass volley ability is also cut off. Other than great tips!


I’m doing it on intermediate. This guy in the video completed it on hard so watching this should be useful for myself and anyone else struggling.

EDIT: There’s a neutral market you can trade with at the top right near where Henry’s troops enter for when your gold pile runs out. Seems that is the only pile.

Use 3 or 4 catapults behind the walls, place them, dont right click to attack because they will move awkwardly. They destroy rams and enemy units, and dont have friendly fire. Mass archers, upgrade them, put them in walls and up there, use the campfire ability (don’t remember the name) so they can heal and see farther. That will protect you quite well, you can place a second keep too. Then, attack with calvary and archers, dont let the spears touch your calvary units and create springalds to kill enemy catapults.

One tip build a line of palisade in front of your gate.

I finally did it on my 10th or 11th attempt. Took an hour and 10 mins on my successful attempt. For anyone else struggling here is what I did:

Keep making villagers and make sure you get to 200 pop cap

Build a line of palisade in front of your stone wall

Make as much knights longbowmen and men at arms as you can

Once gold is ran out you can get some extra by trading with the neutral market

Upgrade your units at blacksmith and also if you can afford it the tech there that makes you produce units faster

You may find the enemy destroys your trade route eventually so you can buy and sell some resources at market if needed. In the end though I was spamming all trash (no gold) units. Longbowmen, horsemen and spearmen. I found it was easy to achieve victory at this point as long as I made sure I was always at 200 pop cap.

I had a couple of monks I kept inside my base to heal retreatign units and I made sure to repair stone walls and gates. When they mounted the walls with towers I retreated my archers in to castle and kill the people on top of wall with castle fire, knights/horsemen and men at arms/spearmen. Focus down any approaching rams with spearmen/men at arms from on top of wall preferably.

Make a LOT of production buildings so you can quickly repop your army and stay at pop cap. Like 5-7 archery ranges, barracks, stables. Use F1 hotkey to easily keep queuing units up.

For actually taking out the 4 outposts you can build rams with your archers/infantry if you want. I did this for 1 of them. The other ones I managed to get away with just using horsemen, longbowmen and spearmen. As long as you are at pop cap and have a big army (and no more than around 70 villagers) then you should have no trouble with the final assault.

This is for intermediate. I watched a video (one I linked above) of hard mode and it’s 10x more insane it seems.


What worked well for me was buildings some sections of palisades in front of each gate. The enemy rams get distracted with them giving your archers more time to kill the troops, then you send out MAA to clean up the siege
The palisades are cheap to replace after each assault.

I used mangonels and springalds to snipe the outposts.

I beat it on hard this way.

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I also did this on hard. No palisades. Get some siege. And put lots of archers onj wall. Take your time so you don’t move out if you can’t defend. I spent 40m on this one. Had to do the outposts one at the time, then fallign back. Use vils to repair walls. When you do move out, don’t be afraid of letting the wall fall if you dont think you can defend it. Move further back in your base, pick units with your arches while you wait for reinforcements

Did on hard no cheese - you start with a second TC (its some other building that makes vills), I rushed out a 2nd keep just to the left of the starter one, got upgrades, garrisoned them both (+ the ballista thing), then just macro’d. I used horsies and MAA with the +3 armor alternating to slap the rams, monks healing.

The relief army died before it got to me, so I just maxed out 100 archers/longbows, and used 25 barracks to spam waves out spearmen till everything was dead


Yeah, I certainly felt that the narrator line about tipping the scales in the player’s favor wasn’t really true to the nature of the scenario.