Seige peeves

Some Siege peeves…

  1. Trebuchets don’t fire at units attacking them or even units walking nearby unless ordered to. Great.

  2. Bombard cannons can’t hit moving targets. This includes rams. Bombards should be an anti seige unit. Especially anti ram. But they are not. We can argue over this if you want, but at the end of the day, onagers shouldn’t be the only seige unit worth making. :frowning:

  3. There are no cheap/free ways to heal seige units. You can’t garrison in a castle. You can’t garrison in a seige workshop. You can’t heal with a priest. And the villagers require resources. This is especially bad when the seige units in question are Unique units like the organ gun.

  4. Speaking of organ guns… What does it do? It’s supposed to be effective against “large groups of units” Like what? Name one unit that is spammed that the organ gun is cost effective against? pikemen maybe? Skirmishers? Certainly not cavalry, which all of play is centered around.

  5. Seige onagers. These are the go to unit for everything seige workshop related. Seriously why? The seige onager is so good compared to other ranged seige units its disgusting. No point in building scorpions when you can mass seige onagers.

  6. speaking of scorpions, why do they die in one hit, why do they do so little damage, and why are they so… mobile? A MUCH better design and probably more historically accurate would be to require them to unpack, and once unpacked to give them a higher damage bolt, along with more peirce armor, and more health. That way they would have a roll in base defences, and their bolt wouldn’t tickle.

Last but not least… why are units psychic? When a bombard cannon fires, why do units know where the shot will hit… BEFORE it hits? When the bombard cannon is out of LOS, and launching what is effectively a suprise attack, why are units allowed to dodge that attack? Why are they given detailed information of the bombards location, disposition and projectile location before the shot lands? And furthermore, why do they dodge the attack? Sigh.


Kinda makes sense though. Can you imagine actually trying to use a trebuchet against actual people? Would indeed be super impractical, and most people wouldn’t bother to try either.

This is just player error. If you use the attack ground feature, you can definitely have a decent chance at hitting moving rams. Except mongols. But you wouldn’t want to make BBC against Mongols anyway.

It’s pretty decent against most foot soldiers. As expected though, it’s not so hot against cavalry.

Not sure if this may be due to specific game modes you play, but Rams and Scorpions are often a very integral and important part of Castle Age pushes in open maps. If you’ve cleared out the enemy army, a combination of Scorpions and Rams are very effective against town centers. Scorpions are also a great supplement with knights, as pikemen get cleaned up with Scorpion support pretty quickly.

This design would be super impractical, and basically no one would ever make this unit. Also just adds more unnecessary micro into the game with the constant packing and unpacking. But just imagine having to support your knights with a unit that needs to pack and unpack… pretty bad if you ask me.