"Select all Infantry" and "Select all Ranged Infantry" Hotkeys not working on Byzantine Mercenary units

Build Info: “aoeliverelease2 age4”

Issue Summary: The hotkeys that should Select all Infantry / Ranged Infantry do not work with Byzantine Mercenary units.

The Specific Hotkeys im referring to are: Global Hotkeys > Unit Selection > Select all Infantry / Select all Ranged Infantry

Issue Description: If i have Archers made from a Archer Range and Mercenary Longbows, and lets say i have the “Select all Ranged Infantry” hotkey binded to number 2, when i press 2 the game is only going to select the Archers i made, but not the Mercenary Units, same happens for Infantry, if i have Limitanei and Mercenary Landsknetchs, it will only work on the Limitanei.

It appears to work properly on Cavaly and Siege units, but i have not tested it with every single unit, only the most common ones.

There is no specific trigger or situation related to this bug other than normal gameplay and i checked many times for possible existing hotkey conflicts before reporting the bug.

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