Select idle villagers in a radius

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So I just realized we have such a hotkey and was trying to understand how it works. At first I was happy with how I thought It worked as it seemed to cycle through Groups of villagers that are idle. (regardless of how the algorithm decides if they are one group or separate) However my main concern is that it DOES NOT select first the group that is closest to the cursor/center of screen which means I can’t use it to select villagers say at the frontline mixed with my army. I feel like it gives priority to those closest to the landmark TC?

Additionally say I have a group A of 10 villagers somewhere near my TC another 4 (group B) further away and 20 much further (Group C). If I use the hotkey multiple times, instead of cycling through the 3 groups regularly sometimes it keeps swtiching between groups A and B for a while then goes to C once then back to 1 and 2 for another while basically it dislikes group C.

Are these bugs or intended and if so how is it supposed to work?


the hotkey has problems with inactive fishing boats, I already reported it

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yes it seems to have other issues, a few games ago I had some idle villagers in some area (the only ones) and it wasn’t selecting them, however I was playing in a mod/tuning pack so I am not sure whether it is relevant to standard games.

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Actually the biggest issue with this function is that it does not recognize idle villagers sometimes.

A very specific and infuriating example is building farms. If you select 10 villagers to build 8 farms around a Mill, 2 of them will go idle–but, you can’t select them with this. If this function worked as intended, building farms would never be an issue. Instead, the player needs to put thought into how many units they are selecting everytime.