Select Video Adapter on start

Hi, I am experiencing an issue with Age of Empires Definitive Edition, steam version.

When I start the game it is just too slow. About 2 fps. Not really playable. I also noticed that the CPU get to 100%, which was really weird.

I am running it in a laptop with an i5, 8GB RAM and an intel HD graphics, so not really great but should be enough.

When I checked the logs, I saw that by default, instead of running the “Intel HD Graphics” renderer, it automatically selects the “Microsoft Basic Render Driver”, which explains all the issues above. How can it force to choose the “intel HD Graphics” renderer

Here is the line from the StartupLog.txt

00003130: Preferred Video Adapter found = true, Index = 2, name = “Microsoft Basic Render Driver”

I saw that when playing it in a different computer with similar specs (also integrated video adapter) it automatically selects the intel HD graphics (Index = 0), but not in my laptop(editado)

Any idea how to force select the video adapter 0?

Here is the complete log of the video adapter in case it helps:

00003050: TDrawSystemD3D11->Construct()
00003050: MediaPlayerManager->Construct()
00003050: MediaPlayerW8->CreateInstance()
00003061: Adapter 0 = “Intel® HD Graphics 4600”
00003061: VendorId: 0x00008086
00003061: DeviceId: 0x00000416
00003061: SubSysId: 0x1993103c
00003061: Revision: 0x00000006
00003062: LUID: 0x0000000000016583
00003062: Flags: 0x00000000
00003062: VRAM: 117964800
00003062: Sys Mem: 0
00003062: SharedM: 2147483648
00003063: TDrawSystemD3D11->CreatingDevice
00003117: – CreateDevice OK = true
00003117: – FeatureLevel OK = true, level = D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0
00003118: Adapter 1 = “Microsoft Basic Render Driver”
00003118: VendorId: 0x00001414
00003118: DeviceId: 0x0000008c
00003118: SubSysId: 0x00000000
00003118: Revision: 0x00000000
00003118: LUID: 0x000000000001780f
00003119: Flags: 0x00000002
00003119: VRAM: 0
00003119: Sys Mem: 0
00003119: SharedM: 8426926080
00003119: TDrawSystemD3D11->CreatingDevice
00003124: – CreateDevice OK = true
00003124: – FeatureLevel OK = true, level = D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0
00003124: Adapter 2 = “Microsoft Basic Render Driver”
00003125: VendorId: 0x00001414
00003125: DeviceId: 0x0000008c
00003125: SubSysId: 0x00000000
00003125: Revision: 0x00000000
00003125: LUID: 0x0000000000069e5d
00003125: Flags: 0x00000000
00003125: VRAM: 0
00003125: Sys Mem: 0
00003126: SharedM: 8426926080
00003126: TDrawSystemD3D11->CreatingDevice
00003130: – CreateDevice OK = true
00003130: – FeatureLevel OK = true, level = D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0
00003130: Preferred Video Adapter found = true, Index = 2, name = “Microsoft Basic Render Driver”
00003130: TDrawSystemD3D11->Init()
00003130: TDrawSystemD3D11->CreatingDevice

Try to play with V-sync, if you can switch on.

Okay, I just double-checked - there’s no setting for the V-sync…

Then I guess you’ll have to turn off the Bloom effect, anti-aliasing and the Cloud effect, if you haven’t done so already.
And you seem to have an Nvidia graphics card. Right-click on the desktop to access the Nvidia settings, provided you have installed the correct drivers. There you can switch to the high performance processor.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I had already off the bloom effect, anti aliasing and every possible effect.
Unfortunately I do not have any Nvidia card. As I mentioned, I only have one integrated Intel HD graphics. I do have the latest Intel HD graphics drivers which are working properly in any other game.

The issue here seem to be that instead of selecting the “Preferred Video Adapter” as the intel HD “index=0”, it selects the “microsoft renderer”
Preferred Video Adapter found = true, Index = 2, name = “Microsoft Basic Render Driver”

which I am not sure where it does come from, because I do not have any other graphics card, and none is shown in the “Device Manager”