Selecting unit to attack only results in the target group getting hit

Prior to today’s patch, I could select a group of archers, right click a single unit of a group of enemy units and target it down, kill it and repeat.

Today, playing with the unique Chinese archers, I right clicked an enemy unit of a group of four and my archers instead split their attacks against two of the other units in the group. Regardless of how much I clicked to attack the one, my archers would not target down the intended unit (much like towers can’t target particular units).

Please bring back targeting of particular units when attacking. It makes little sense for some archers to be strafing a collection of enemy units, intending to pick off the spearmen, and instead shoot uselessly at the swordsmen of the group (as happened tonight).

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Thank you for the report @CaptBeagle! I’m not sure if anything has changed, but we’ll look into it. Appreciate the report!

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