Seleucid Campaign (beta)

This is a beta of my seleucid campaign! I already provided it for the original game here and now made just slight changes for the DE. Currently there are just three missions finished, which may change, if you provide some feedback here :smile: My plan is to increase the number of scenarios to around 6 to 8, when the campaign is complete.

Also the AI should hopefully work in this campaign better than currently in the official campaigns! I will make some improved strategies for the AI in the future, but it would be nice, if you can provide also feedback on the actual behaviour of the AI!

Also thanks to @Totalste for already giving me feedback to the seleucid campaign for the original version! :smile:


I don’t know if its just me, but clicking download doesn’t do anything. I seem to be able to download other scenarios without a problem though.

I tried it to and it doesn’t work o.O Very strange!

Sending the ZIP file again, I can not download your campaign.

I already tried that, but it doens’t work :frowning: I don’t know, if I cause the problem or the homepage.

I get this error:


Something has gone wrong. Please try again later.

When I try to download.

Hopefully this “try again later” solves the problem, because somehow I am able to download all other scenarios, just not mine :frowning:

Download should now work properly :smile: There is also a brand new mission in the current version included!

Done for me , i go to play you campaign !

Thank you! :slight_smile:

■■■■■■■ Galacians , they kill my diplomat !!! :dizzy: :disappointed:

They attack him pretty straight forward :frowning: I uploaded a new version of the campaign, where the priest is changed with hero Amon Ra and slight other changes. It should make it easier to take care of him! :smile:

congratulations it’s a nice job anyway !

Thank you again :smile:

Edit: @Ulfric412 I changed now the objectives of the first mission, if you download the latest version. So you don’t have to care about your Priest :wink:

Bookmarked your topic. Gonna play as soon as I can :slight_smile:

News: Don’t miss the latest version! There are now 5 missions available and also small updates to some maps! Especially the two newest missions got some additional improvements!

Nice maps, the way you use trees make it more realistic and natural.
Each town is beautiful!

Thank you very much :smile:

PS: The campaign contains already 6 missions (8 in the final version). The 7th mission is on the way :smiley:

hi, on mission 4 betrayal, how do I get the artifact from the lake since docks cannot be build ?
I had 2 priests, was there a dock to convert ? I think not but i may be wrong, thanks for some help there :slight_smile:

@Markanton321 If you already discovered the brown Government Center, send a scout or a unit with a high line of sight to the brown flag, which is near the Government Center (or where it was, because I guess you already destroyed it :smiley: ) There is also a hint in the description of the mission (because I know that otherwise it would be very hard to find!)

What is your opinion so far on the campaign? I hope you have fun! :smile: Is there something that should be improved?