Seleucid Campaign (beta)

Keep up the good work! I am going to try it when I am done with the default campaigns. I am in the Rise of Rome second scenario.

There is now a updated version available, which includes a 7th mission (The Siege of Alexandria)!

How big is the pop cap in your missons?

100 with the only exception of Mission 2 (because it is not really needed in that one)

Update 0.8: Nearly every mission has now selfmade AIs!! Also smaller improvements on the maps of the missions! Feedback to the AI would be nice :smile:

The beta ended and the seleucid campaign is ready! It contains 8 missions. The only missing thing are historical informations in the mission descriptions. They will be added in the future! If you have any suggestions or feedback please leave it here. It will be considered in future updates of the campaign! :smile:

It is the best scenario of all time Should Microsoft adopt it Thank you for giving me the right to play it Continue the good effort