Self defense

spawn + caravanserai effect


Cool mechanic for a magical unit.


this is awesome! and shows it can be down! really cool!

imagine a battle wagon, or elephant type unit that fires while moving (or obviously some kind of magical thing)


Do You mean how Elephant archer should be from the begining?

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What about this for the ratha?
Ratha ranged Reload Time can be doubled to 4 - but constantly fire while moving.
Also rathas wouldn’t be classifeid as Archer or CA anymore, but instead be affected by cavalry upgrades only (so also no Parthian Tactics)
This could be the solution for the unit. So it would basically be a Knight that slowly shoots arrows also, but not to a degree it would become predominant.

This also.

This video proves shooting while moving is doable in aoe2 now so devs should refine this mechanic and use for a future uu.


This has just made me realize I’ve been using the large onager projectiles mod for so long that I’d forgotten how small they really are.

Very cool.

Fire while moving is a solid buff, but not nearly to the level of justifying otherwise halving its DPS. Also, if I’m gonna pick a couple things to be pedantic about, one of them will be people using “ROF” to mean the opposite of what it means. Doubling rate of fire = attacking 2x as quickly.


Idk ROF can be written as a time invterval like 2s
Mayber we instead use aps - attacks per second? Then it’s more clear what is meant.
Or opposite way attack inverval.

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Reload Time is what its called in game, so I think that’s the ideal term given that’s what most people refer to when people discuss this (time between attacks). Also abbreviates nicely as RT. You can talk about increasing/decreasing ROF generically, but it gets weird when people try to put numbers to it, as 0.5 (attacks/second), or 30 attacks per minute (for the standard Reload Time of 2 seconds) is less intuitive.

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Where did you hear that?

It’s just an idea of mine how I think rathas could be changed to be more useful.

Just basically turning them into knights but with the x-factor of shooting arrows slowly whily moving.

You should probably edit that post and change the wording, I read it like a patch notes style change you’d got from somewhere, it wasn’t clear that it was a hypothetical.

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Waah this looks so cool!


looks pretty cool
probably fits better into the modding part of the forums

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Will be great as a new cheat unit, maybe even unique unit.

It’s more about how people use the term than the actual meaning.

It’s almost impossible to get everyone to stop using ROF. So ROF it shall be even if it’s incorrect we (almost) all know what the user means

Reload speed is correct but it’s also terrible wording. "What’s the reload speed on the AK-47? " Said nobody ever

I think Reload TIme or RT is ok. We also could use RoT to use the association with RoF but make clear it’s an actual time.

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Eh, perhaps its a losing battle, but in the spirit of this forum, I may continue bringing it up even if the odds of change are slim. Nobody talks about “reload time” with firearms because Rate of Fire or Rounds per Minute is more relevant and intuitive than talking about fractional seconds between shots, whereas time between attacks is what everyone is accustomed to when talking about AoE2 units. Language and expressions will evolve whether I do anything or not, but when there’s already a better term for something, may as well encourage its use.

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