Self explanatory images to solve the problem of india infantry training time and their almost useless artillery... in treaty and long games

I would bet that a Swedish ally would simply be added to the consulate.

where you can research infantry faster creation technology by 20%.

Research to improve the speed of infantry by 10%

Research that enables the creation of improved rate-of-fire falconets in castles.

Consulate Bonus is 5% faster creation of land units and buildings.

If possible just allow this ally to be enabled in treaty mode

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No, the arsenal is too much.
i think the easiest solution is to allow export shipments at the trading posts, similar to the influence ones. This will allow spamming cannons easier but not too much easier in late game.

All these changes are too OP and change the civ too much, for supremacy and TR>

Will make Siege ele do everything and have no real down sides. (other than just not being really good at anything, 210 dmg is not enough to 1 shot most units)

India should not get church, or arsenal. there is just too many good things in there. Cav would be instant training, arsenal would make make units really strong.

India needs slow training units. The only things that could be buffed are gurkas, plus 15% with the rogal green jackets card, and camels for a spammable weak unit. But its still not good to use camels in TR, but in a pinch might work in a bad situation.


Personally, I think giving India the ability to train specific units - maybe Gurkha, with Royal Green Jackets - in batches of 10 would be a great way to buff India without just giving them a bland training speed upgrade somewhere.
(Personally, I think Shivaji Tactics could be reworked into an India-only card and allow a few specific units to be trained in batches of 10. Maybe Sepoy, Rajput, and Sowar, while Royal Green jackets lets Gurkha and Zamburak to train in batches of 10.)

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They dont need more units per batch, they need faster batches (not needed of a great buff, just a little bit) cause they can spam buildings to train more units at a time.

About arsenal, well, they dont need a lot, maybe speed infantry boost and antinfantry rifle (removing the effect from royal jackets, this way they can buff natives and mercs).
If devs add an arsenal the most obviois way is moving it to portuguese, japan can ally with them too. Also remember that Dutch have an extra building in DE (And are thought to give economy buildings)

Other option is create special upgrades for them instead the europeans ones: maybe a buff to rajputs and sowars, that arent used a lot.

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I disagree. Their train times are fine, but giving them the ability to access larger batches would solve many of their problems. It would also avoid giving them a generic train speed buff. Part of India’s identity has always been its slower traininig units in conjunction with super high build speed of barracks and caravanserais. Higher batch amounts would assist them in both treaty and supremacy games and let them keep up with other civs who just flood-spam without turning into a flood-spam civ themselves.
Also, India fights in waves. They take two steps, lose a step, then take two more with their waves of units. Higher batches would allow the waves to continue at their current tempo without turning them into yet another spam-flood civ.

What’s the point in spawning batches of 10? You obtain the same value by building more production structures. Japan has it because it mainly affects the daymio and shogun, and Russia is just about the fantasy of the civ.


Foi o que eu pensei também e só construir mais quartéis,o ponto que estamos falando e de 35 minutos de jogo e de tratado qualquer civilização nesse ponto já estará na era 4 ou 5 era onde canhoes e treinamento rápido faz toda diferença no jogo

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I don’t see the problem with the arsenal. Simply reduce the base stats of the units. Since the armory affects a wide range of units, this would be good for units like mercenaries, outlaws, and native allies to be more competitive.

The Ethiopians have this same unit and can upgrade it with up to 18 range. (16 standard)

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so make changes to make changes for no actual increase in the civs lategame performance but making it worse in supremacy and also more complicated for no reason


That is the point. Civilization is well designed for supremacy, but for NR it falls short.

All civilizations with units with firearms have access to an armory. The +1.0 bonus against heavy infantry could be left for the armory and the card swapped for another purpose. The increased range of the zamburaks is necessary even in supremacy.

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Between the British consulate and TEAM Shivaji’s Tactics, you are basically getting most of the armory improvements. You are missing the improved melee attacks of sepoy, which aren’t really needed since they do just fine in melee, and the ranged cavalry range, which would be totally broken.


I think the issue with reducing base stats is that it reduces the unit scaling. For example:

Currently sepoy with 15 base melee attack can get 31.5 attack in Imperial (using only the unit upgrades without using any cards) If you nerf it by 20% to 12 base attack, they will only get 25.2 attack in imperial (using no cards). The 20% from socket bayonet would apply to the base damage to add 2.4 attack for a total of 27.6 attack which is less than they can currently get. So nerfing base stats just to accommodate the inclusion of an arsenal would be a nerf to supremacy as well as a nerf to their late game.


But this proposal is a hypothetical case where they can have artillery and a possible armory that will also improve natives, zamburaks and siege elephants. So the attack that the sepoys have melee would no longer be so necessary.

This wont really help much. Camels need to get out faster to be useful vs elephants not in bigger batches, Same for Gurka, a slight 15% buff from Royal green jackets would be fine. (include rajputs too)

Aresenal would buff India too much, save a shipment space and have to make too many changes. For what purpose? to save royal green jackets? hope it never happens. just give RGJ a 15% train time boost for Gurka, and take away the extra gurka in consulate shipments

a questão do arsenal e completamente descartável mais as 2 atualizações de alcance +2 para camelo zanburark e 10% velocidade para infantaria e essencial

Desculpe o tradutor não ter me feito uma boa tradução do que eu acho que você está dizendo. Há outras formas de lidar com as questões dos Zamburaks, que realmente não devem ser feitas para a TR. Seria como tentar polir bestas para estatísticas imperiais, que é para ser uma unidade de baixa idade que fica superdimensionado. Eles morrem muito facilmente para escaramuças e drenar moedas para que mesmo 2 faixas extras não vão ajudar muito.

Sorry the translator did not give me a good translation of what I think you are saying. There are other ways of dealing with the issues of Zamburaks, which really should not be made for TR. It would be like trying to buff crossbowmen to imperial stats, which is meant to be a low age unit that gets outscaled. They just die too easily to skirms and drain coin so even 2 extra range will not help much.

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to do that for ethiopians, you would have to do 2 specific age ups and spend a tonne of influence.

Not the same as just spending normal resources for ele, some export for the arsenal wagon and then just normal resources again for the tech

Because this upgrade should be available so that it can upgrade all infantry of this type, and not just a specific unit. I could also make this card affect all skirmishes and not just the Gurkha. For example we are on the Carolina map, and you take an alliance with the Cherokees. The card should also affect the Cherokes.

Zamburaks could get +1 range at age 3 and at age 4 without needing the armory. In total they would be +2 range and would put them at the level of European gunpowder cavalry (potentially 14 range). So I suggested it in my forums.


I agree, it definitely should I just did not mention it much.

I was also thinking in age 5 at the temple would be a balanced place to train urumi from, not many seem to make a temple in Sup and by age 5 its not going to effect much, and by only having it at the temple will prevent large masses from being made.