Hard to counter once gold has become scarce. So you want to push him off that before.
This encourages Players to take more initiative instead of turtling.
That’s the Idea behind this concept.

I don’t say it’s perfect cause a single gold tile can effectively yield 8 workers, which is a bit too much imo. Maybe part of it needs to be blocked so it’s only 4 workers, that could be balanced in a way it’s hard to compensate but not entirely impossible (especially if you have eg more relics).
The important thing is the basic idea of reducing the gold inflation we both agree upon.

And as I see your proposal with the trade workshops it couldn’t decrease the inflation as it would basically set the gold selling price at the converted vill pop efficiency of that building. If you would make it produce 1 g / min the prices would stabilize at about 24 g / 100 res (depending on res ofc). But it wouldn’t change anything about the inflation speed.