Selling explorer unit skins DLC is a good start

Maybe in the future developers and publishers can consider making unit skin DLC, especially the special appearance effects of European common units, such as:
Napoleonic Wars French Skin Pack: Gives the Napoleonic Wars look to the Industrial Age Musketeers, Skirmishers, Halberdiers, Cavalrys and more.
The Spanish Peninsula War skin pack, the Russian Crimean War skin pack, the Chinese Ming Empire skin pack, the British North American Revolution skin pack… If developers are worried about being complained about too little content, maybe you could add the corresponding historical campaign, make the MOD feel more historical and immersive.
This has three benefits:

  1. It can bring players a more immersive experience without changing the game mechanics.
  2. As a DLC, player can decide whether to enable it at any time, so that it will not have any impact on competitive players who simply consider unit recognition.
  3. Most importantly, it can provide some additional benefits for the team while meeting the needs of players.
    All in all, I think this is a good idea.
    Finally, the MOD I made is attached here, which is very rough compared to the units made by developers, for reference.
    Mods Single - Age of Empires

I was to post exactly this, but you beat me.

MP wise, contrary to explorer skins, the player should be able to disable to see skin packs for other players too (just thinking about newbies and the confusion that they would get)

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Skin packs are easier to ##### ### I’m okay with them charging it for the huge amount of awesome free works they have done.

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You are censoring “make” and “but”. Seriously?


More ways to support the devs and support the game is a good thing for us. Don’t forget to leave positive steam reviews! That goes for DLC too. every little bit of positivity helps!


I feel like the key words for this forum censorship are a little weird…

I like it, altough Maria of Portugal is not my cup of tea. Cool sword tho.

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I disagree about making entire armies customizable. The skin changes that some units needs to be more accurate with their real life counterparts needs to be free and not customizable.

But, Explorer skins are a really cool way to get extra support to help the development of the game. I think that they could add more Home City customizations throught DLCs too and give a Home Cities showroom in the multiplayer lobby in a better way than the Vanilla AoE III had.

The price of the skin pack was fair, and I hope that they don’t increase it. But I can’t say the same for the Kunoichi skin, it was overpriced in my opinion, better keep the Skin Pack model than One Skin model. And we still need to receive stuff for free, not everyone can afford these stuff even if the price is fair, so a mix between paid and free stuff is more fair to everyone who plays the game. The only thing that makes me afraid of skin stuff DLCs are that Devs can go in to the wrong way and focus more on skins instead of the gameplay content / quality / immersion.

I think it sucks, since we’re now in microtransactions territory.

If with every skin dlc we get an oos in the games, no thanks!