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Hi. I’ve been playing the AOE franchise since around 1998. It is the only computer game I’ve ever really “played”, as opposed to “dabbled in”, since I had limited time, raising a family, and all. I’m now 61 years old and have been playing a lot more. I notice my reaction times have decreased, which makes me less competitive in online games against younger, quicker opponents.

Since this great franchise has hit the 25 year mark, and since there are probably other old timers like me out here, I wonder if there is any plan for Ranked games or Tourney’s by age? I’m thinking maybe 55 and over? What do you think?


You would probably have to organize such events on your own because there probably arent enough people that fit into that category.

I do miss guard/follow commands though which vastly helped my arthritis lol

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All I can tell you is to train yourself.

If you desired tournament for older players or ranked mode for it then you would have essentially handful of players playing around the world and you would rarely get match.

So best option for you is to train yourself. You can improve your reaction speed and apm as long as you dedicate yourself to it.

Matchmaking in ranked and quick match will always try to put you against a player of roughly equal skill. Sometimes that takes a while to get to the right level (lose enough games)

It is the advantage of ranked play over custom matches

Just because you are slower doesn’t mean you aren’t better than other players

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I miss all the AoE2 stances. So hard to control units, it annoys me having stuff wander off because there’s no defensive stance.

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