¡Seriously, minutemen (TC militia) NEED to an improvement!

I can understand why this guys start losing HP as soon as they are created (so you don’t rush on first age raiding villagers right?) anyway, it is just ridiculous how they loose so soon their life and strengh (remember you´re paying for this the same amount that cost you 3 musketeers (300 total resourses) you only have to retire your troops for a bit and that´s it!

They don´t really help even against an small army of for example 10 muskets

I think they can get a buff and here are my options:
1) They start loosing life after 1 minute
2) They loose HP only if they step outside their TC Ranged Attack or LOS
3) Both of the above

PD: Of course “Colonial Militia” card could get an improove also, what about 30% more HP to the TC or at least that this card can upgrade the points I listed before?


Minutemen are supposed to only be a hasty defense against Rushes, they are not actually supposed to be useful for anything else, which is why tehy work the way they do.

It is a balanced mechanic, and does not need any changes.

But they are 5 unit, and come in much faster than Musketeers.
It is a Colonial Age panic button, not a permanent Town Guard.


Minutemen is a strong way to defend any rush and they’re usefull in a lot of ways.

They don’t need any change.

Start loosing life after 1 minute ? That would totally kill early game.


They are good enough to stop early cheeses and they are good combimed with other units so the enemy doesn’t reach them.

One whole minute is a lot for an emergency defense unit. I think that 10 or 15 seconds would be more fair.

That would make them a permanent guard force, which they’re not meant to be. They are just for emergencies, not to camp around your Town Center.

I don’t think they need to be changed at all, but if you want to slightly buff them. I would add as a mechanic the following: After the raid is over, you can call back your surviving militiamen back to the TC to be re-used in the future. Let’s say you summoned them to defend your TC and after the fight only 2 are left. You can call them back to the TC and when the next raid comes, you can summon them again(paying full price), but this time there will be only 2 militiamen. If these two die, then you can’t summon any more militiamen in that TC.


I’m also in for a small buff.
Right now they’re not quite useful against early rushes.
Having a little more damage or HP and starting losing HP after 10-15 sec (heck, give me at least a little time to position them!) would be well enough!


The purpose isn’t to use just minuteman to hold any rush. They are supposed to give you a way to stop cheese rushes, and to give you a hand in defending other types of rushes. Don’t expect to hold off a Janissary rush with just minuteman.

However, a tower and minutemen, or a few regular units and minutemen can hold off essentially anything.


True, but you could make it reload instead of wasting it…

Most civs already have a card that allows you to send more Minutemen. Chinese even have Boxer Rebellion, and those Irregulars (Asian Minutemen) do not even lose HP after you send in the card, not to mention they cost no pop and you can train quite a bith of them from both the TC and Villages.

Agree with you, especially TC Militia and defensive cards should be buffed since they are usually not that popular to ship, an additional buff is required.


They can be 6 soldiers but after 20 seconds they are totally useless!! stronger is a villager basically! they don’t really work for a rush or anything at all and thats why nobody uses them, is better to have 3 muskets than this guys instead.

Jeez! Give noobs a chance! minuteman are weak as hell and not even effective in their only way they should work, you barely can stop any tiny army with them, not even against 5 muskets can win a fight.

We’ve explained to you why this isn’t the case. Used properly and the Minutemen do their job. If guy comes at you with 10 Jans, and you have 8 crossbows at your TC, those minutemen can really turn the tide, and it sure is satisfying when it happens.


You are meant to buy them when you get attack as a last stand type of thing or to assist your troops in trying to push the enemy back.

They are a last ditch effort basicallly, you shouldnt make them when your town doesnt get attacked. They lose hp to prevent people from just buying them as cheap musketeers.

Here’s a compromise: You get the minuteman call refreshed each time you age up, if and only if you used it in the previous age (so aging up to 3 but never using the minuteman will not grant you 3 call outs, but if you used them in age 2, they become available again in age 3).