Seriously we need more pings for comunicating

im getting so frustrated lately,im always trying to do hard part like builded more walls ,go harassed enemies as soon as possible to slow them down , trying to make the game eazier,but my team mates are always going another way. i keep thinking how did this happen and now i get it,cus ppl dosent know how to cooperate with each other or they didnt even know what happened at that moment .
we need more pings for comunicating!
just like these
with those pings above or more other pings,ppl will understand exactly what they’re trying to say or what they trying to do immediately.
hoping you guys think about it .thank you!


I like this. Best would be with 4 different sounds as well.

I play with my brother using discord. But once and a while words don’t even come out in the heat of the game.

I could use a, ”Wall here!” beacon that I could drag and drop in a line for my allies.

hey, it’s 2022, not 2032. Too complicated technology, it is not paint why u want to draw?

Sometimes I forget about coding issues that big.

MS Paint is only for our Abbasid friends to draw special camel costumes, not for drawing walls in game. :frowning: