Serjeants missing from last patch and PUP adjustements

Ok so basically now serjeants is the worst infantry UU period no? Basically every “bad” UU like jags, samurai, woads, or even TK got buffed all but serjeants, either in stats (PA, HP, Attack, or a combination) while serjeants are the same, still 95 res despite everyone knowing they are grossly overcosted

Serjeants now cost even close as teutonic knights (which got a discount) which is crazy to say the least

Can we have a final decent buff to their cost? Giving them -10 food or -5 F/-5 G should not be that hard now that we have improved basically every infantry in the game but them


They got slight increase on their HP if you miss that.


Why are you ignoring the changes so you can make a thread about there not being any changes?

Serjeants have +5 HP in Feudal, +10 in Castle, the Elite Upgrade is 425 res cheaper, and Donjons are a little better/more flexible now.

Yeah, it’s nothing amazing, and the Sicilians’ changes overall look like a mixed bag leaning on the positive side, but it’s a reasonably impactful buff. IDK why you’re acting like they were totally ignored because they didn’t get a cost decrease.


Classic EvilPanda, doing the 4234234th complaint post about a Sicilian buff.


Teutonic Knight costs 115 res.

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Only in the Castle Age and feudal variant, cut elite is the same, and that’s the problem. Castle Age they are fine i guess, but elite is weak for 95 res

They got a buff in feudale/Castle but not in elite, which means they are still cost inefficient for their cost and their stats. If they buffed their elite hp from 85 to 90 or 95 i would agree but this is not the case

Yeah and i won’t even stop until is fixed

Just as i advocated for militia buffs and woads, jags, samurai, and the like, buffs, and now they are happening. Not saying is thanks to me or anything, just that i like to bring up units that are easily forgettable

And as much as i’m super Happy about something like woads, jags, and samurai buff, i am equally disappointed that the serjeants is the sole loser