Sertorius, Rebelion in Hispania

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@ApoLogya Hello. Can you give me more details about that bug. Have u conquered Osca (tower of London) and other 3 Roman cities? Did the attack message show up? You have to wait some time to get Pompey attack you, it’s not instant (the attack timer is more or less 900 seconds).

Patch 1.0:

Bug fixes:

-Now the allied tribes will be visible when conquering their cities.

-Metellus can no longer train ships.

-Metellus will no longer make his army instantly and attack the player.

-The tribes will now first attack Pompey instead of Metellus.

Balance changes:

-Added a timer for the invasion force.

-Now you can see how many units does Pompey have when the assault begins.

-Reduced the timer for the invasion from 17 to 12 minutes.

-Added more information to avoid confusion in the objectives section.

-Reduced the hit points of all Roman units by 10.

-Reduced the resource gathering rate by 15%.

New units:

-Cantabrian cavalry (replaces scout cavalry line). Fast mounted skirmisher good vs ranged units.