Server down? can't connect to MP

as titled, but I must type 20 characters.

a friend of mine just dropped middle of game due to this as well.

now he can’t connect to multiplayer, gaming telling him server maintenance. we recall the last server maintenance was August 11th and nothing dated for 13th, is this some kind of issue maintenance are carried out at wrong time?


I had the same issue a few hours ago, also dropping right in the middle of a game. It seems like everything is finally back to normal now?

Same problem since more than 24 hours!

I found this : Teredo server disable … since last microsoft Windows 10 update (yesterday)?
I cannot find how to reenable it. Nothing works following microsoft guideS …
Any idea ?

Teredo ok and connectivity back ok (no action take!)
Maintenance status still active when starting the game.
Waiting …