Server maintenance timing


I see that server maintenance are always scheduled during EU evening. Do you know if there is a possibility to perform a server maintenance in the EU full night? (maybe having different timing for EU, US & Asia)


An even better question would be: why are there maintenances at all?


When to do server maintenance: Look at the chart and do it when the most people are online.

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The questions above are great. I got two of my own:

  • what exactly is maintenance?
  • if there has to be maintenance, does it have to be on a FRIDAY?


I’m pretty sure it applies for your maintenance, given the past issues.


Hilarious twitter image!

That being said, would you rather play another weekend without the server fixes?

At the least move it to another day, earlier in the week. I’m personally very fortunate, because this never conflicts with when I’m online, but it would be good if either different timezones had different times for maintenance, or if it was released during the week.

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This thread pops up after almost every maintenance. There is just no good reason to do this at prime time. They should pick a moment when the number of players is low. That makes much more sense.

Things need maintenance to keep working, specially those things that are used so often
There’s people in charge to perform these maintenances, we can think in their schedule, in their work and in their families

What do you want? that the servers run as smooth as possible with no maintenance at all or give maintenance when you’re not aware of it?
Come on!


Here is a question for you: how often do you get maintenance messages on Youtube, Google, Facebook? what would be your reaction if Youtube told you “we are in maintenance, please wait 1 hour before watching your video.”

Yes servers need maintenance but they don’t need to perform maintenance on ALL OF THEIR SERVERS AT THE SAME TIME.


But there is a “small” difference between a YT or FB servers and a an old computer games, isnt it?

Apparently not 11 (20 char)

Microsoft has the 3rd largest cloud computing infrastructure worldwide

Making lan games possible without to be online would be a good option