🛠 Server Maintenance - Tuesday, April 7 - AoE: DE, AoE II: DE

WHAT: Server Maintenance (Matchmaking Servers)
WHEN: 2020-04-07T19:00:00Z
EST. DOWNTIME: No Anticipated Downtime
SERVER TESTING: ~60-90 Minutes



  • WestUS2

Good day, everyone; I hope you’re enjoying the Spring Event! As a heads-up: this coming Tuesday, April 7, we will be updating the matchmaking servers. This should have no impact on your game or matchmaking experience, though we will be running additional testing and monitoring the results immediately following the update. If you do experience any unusual lag or loss of connectivity to the game around this time, please let us know in a comment below.

The total maintenance window should only last about one hour, though we will be closely monitoring the situation in case we need to make additional changes. We’ll update this thread with any new information or updates to the schedule. This is also where we’ll announce the all clear when the maintenance is complete.

Thank you for your patience! :+1:

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Please let it come with a fix to Goths.
Pretty please…

Fixes and gameplay updates come with official releases, meaning they require a game build such as the recent March Update. This is only server maintenance, which means that it is targeted at performance and networking improvements behind-the-scenes, not front-end changes to the game. (Sorry!)


That is ok.
I hope they are at least considered for next patch.

Good to know you’re working on this. Man, alst patch was good. Gameplay is finally good (there’s still room for improvement of course). Hopefully you’ll balance the civs that are still a little op/weak. So far so good team :+1:

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Hi, matchmaking has been super-sketch for me and now I also can’t connect to multiplayer services… based in Dubai.

ahahahah US noobs :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, It will be good, next time, to clarify the GMT area. I guess it’s 9 p.m USA, but still you got several time-zones, right?

If you hover over the time in the original post, it should display several other time zones. GMT should be the same as UTC, though I will be happy to add both in future announcements! =)

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== UPDATE ==

Our testing has begun. Please let us know if you see any NEW issues if you are searching for matches on the WestUS2 servers.