🛠 Server Maintenance - Wednesday, June 14 - I, II, III DE, and IV

What kind of a ### #### ###### no good troll practices in RANKED Matches? But many games I play are people practicing on ranked games as other civs. You look at them they play like pros, beat me in 20 min lol but pretend they arent smurfing … geez get a life!

Thing is if they dont fix matchmaking they will lose lots of players and things will get worst. This is already happening. But im sure they are already aware of that.

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the only real way is to make it 1 person 1 account - which was kind of the whole point of the xbox thing - didn’t take steam was necessary… all of a sudden mass accounts available to anyone who will pay for it xD

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This seems a bit too much… this game is literally a paid game that makes active money for them and has a huge community but still there is downtime which shouldnt be there in the first place. but they are delaying so much.

Guys, be paitent. Never deploy on a Friday. The rule was observed. You really can’t ask for more than that.

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Player base is too small I gues they dont really have a choice. But id rather wait 5-10 mins to get into a fair lobby and actually have fun win or lose than waste 20+ mins in a game where im almost sure to lose

yeah having downtime in an online game in 2023 is very concerning on what the tech stack is on the background - seems a decade out of date really

Thanks back up ! :slight_smile: <3

Anyone else feel like English needs a nerfing? Dam men-at-arms = unstoppable with mass… Since we are here… waiting impatiently

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Server Maintenance COMPLETE! If you experience any NEW issues as a result of the maintenance, please post them to this thread. If you cannot connect, please reach out to our Support team so they can work with you to investigate! https://support.ageofempires.com

Enjoy your games!


I just matched with Chills and his jonny was teeny @ChillinVillainn

Thanks for the updates.

hmmm win screen text shows