🛠 Server Maintenance - Wednesday, May 13 - AoE: DE, AoE II: DE

WHAT: Server Maintenance (Matchmaking Servers)
WHEN: 2020-05-13T20:00:00Z



  • Migrate the Definitive Edition databases to higher-capacity servers.

Hello strategists! This coming Wednesday, May 13th , we will be taking the multiplayer servers down for maintenance.

:warning: During this time, you will still be able to launch the game but will not be able to matchmake or access any online features.

The downtime is expected to last two hours while we make the migration. We will update this thread with updates to the schedule as they arise, as well as the all-clear when the maintenance is complete.

Thank you for your patience! :+1:


Looking at these updates as a developer makes me very happy.

I would love to understand how does this change impact the performance of multi player.

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Hopefully everything will go smoothly!


Hi, I was playing multi player today & when I go save my game, its saves but then when i go to load the saved game, it does’t show up on the list. Also, when i keep tell the villagers to do something, they wouldn’t move like 30 seconds!

Will this also include hotfixes for Malay, …?
Will this fix lag on UK server?

Why at this time? Isnt this almost the end of the peak hours? If it is done just 2 hours later, then it will affect less players?


2 questions

  1. why do these servers shutdown always occur at europeans gamers peak ? Why not 3pm gmt ?
  2. why is there a complete service shutdown ? These update could be done by waves so as to continue delivering multiplayer services even with half of the servers
  1. Staff is most likely sleeping and not working at 15 gmt. I doubt you go to work during night either unless that’s your normal work time
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Maintenance kicks off in just under an hour! Time to wrap up your final games before you’re kicked from your match!

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i can’t even play a ■■■■ game :frowning:
i get into a multiplayer game for 4 min and it just disconnects
i regret buying it


I would have liked to play tonight, but i’m glad the developers are still updating and working on the game. Hopefully the new servers will provide better ping. Thank you for your continuing support.

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I was up for a match but I’m glad to see there 're improvements going on

Nice timing…
Good news though for the multiplayer I guess

hi, why do you always update the servers in the evening? Isn’t it possible to do that at a time where less Players are playing?
thx for the Server Maintenance, just a small hint to maybe even make the game better

skicem yapıcanız işi,tr saatine gore baya aksam ustu oluyor bu iş

Well I guess, this is in favor of latinos, who has more engagement rate (check Redbull’s Wololo view stats)

Number of online players at every moment in time suggestes something else:

Daily peak hour (at Steam, i think Xbox live will be the same) is just during downtime.

why dont you do rotating deployments or when i think that its a cloud based service, why not build up the new version and then switch over by disabling the old one.

Relax guys. Its only a maintenance. Maybe this angry users was loosing theirs matches and come here to blame someone random :smiley:
Stay cool, your mommies will understand and let you play later

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Was about time, let’s hope they fix all the matchmaking errors and Rating rank points missing. I wish they include a chat in the ranked lobby as well, but I guess is too much to ask.