Server side patch nerfs walls, but siege towers are once again forgotten

I think the new bonus dmg of rams against walls makes a lot of sense, however the devs are forgetting about siege towers. Siege towers are bad because they depend on gates and towers. Just give siege towers some ladders so they can climb down to the opposite side without any limitations. That change single-handedly creates new counterplay against stone walls. Also make sure siege towers can do the same to wall foundations, otherwise players will just stop finishing their walls to counter siege towers

It’s still faster and more efficient to siege the walls.

The siege tower is and will be a single purpose unit. That’s why no one uses it (except meme) or it will never be used even with the change.

Devs dont need to nerf towers or walls they need buff especially against bombards are still to powerfull

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Yes defensive buildings are too weak. 2 or 3 bombard shoots are enough too destroy stone walls :frowning: