Server side update is too slow!

the download speed is too slow… is it just me?

it takes 15 seconds for me. How long did it take for you?

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almost 1 hour, just for 50mb download…

Typing this post takes me longer than the time it needed to download the update.

LOL. you guys are crazy man. Give the Devs a break man

ATLEAST WE GOT SERVER SIDE UPDATES… I don’t care if it takes 8 hours to update.

would you rather wait for a 3 week patch or have this right away mabe having to DL for a few hours???

Im sure there servers were not designed or optimized for this so just give them a break already. I like to complain also but some times you just got to let go and say… there doing the best they can.


I have 1gb internet speed.

And it took 10 seconds for only 50mb, which is incredibly annoying…