Servers down again?

Someone else experiencing no connection?

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Same, we got disconnected in the middle of a match

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Same! global serveurs are down

Would be nice if they announced this maintenance breaks, so we can plan it a bit further ahead.

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Same, i got like a manteinance advert while playing

I wouldn’t expect they would do a planned maintenance break Saturday evening :stuck_out_tongue:


Each Saturday I wanna play server are down… incredible

So will servers be up again anytime soon or what?

Some one please tell me how to load a multiplayer saved game?

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Click ‘Multiplayer’, then in the Lobby Browser, there’s a “Restore” game option. Click that, load your save, and invite other(s) who were in the game to your lobby, wait for your saved game file to transfer to other player(s) – takes five minutes for some reason – then start game

or just start over since you cant get everyone in

again. in the middle of a sunday.

Shortly before servers go down, does it cause this issue with rubber-banding and input lag of 30sec to 2min+? Had this issue about 8 hours ago

Then again, the OP of that thread said it happens even on Local LAN, soooo…