Set Object doesn't work

Game Version:

  • Build: newest
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


In some effects of the editor I have to set
a unit. For naming it, change ownership, etc.
In some cases, if I select the unit the game doesn’t “rembember”, that I selected the unit. So the effect goes for all units of that player. The bug doenst reproduce if I open a new map in the editor, but in older maps, I want to edit.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create a trigger.
    Condition1: Timer 3
    Effect1: Change units name to “hero”
  2. click on “set object” and select the object
  3. can’t click on “go to object”


I couldn’t replicate this exact “bug”.

Before you set units in one trigger effect, always try to select the corresponding Player either using the Units pannel (for placing units on the map) OR using the Players pannel (where you write starting resources, player names, civilization…).
Doing this usually prevents any issue when you attribute/select units for a specific trigger effect or condition.


The strange thing is, that it just appears in “older” maps, not in new maps.
I upload a scenario. Try to create a new trigger, with the change color effect. It wont work on my pc.
Arenaumzug DE - 9-2.aoe2scenario (381.0 KB)

In that case, that is 99% likely to be tied to the current bugs in the Editor after last patch. My advice: do not make any saved changes to any scenario while the bugs aren’t fixed by a new patch/hotfix.
Like previous times when the Modify Attribute effects list was bugged, once the corrective patch will be in, everything will revert back to normal (all values, all selected units…). But if you make changes now, and save them, values and selected units can be messed up once the hotfix comes in.

It’s frustrating, but I wouldn’t recommend making any change to existing scenarios right now until we get a corrective patch, and be careful making new ones (they could cause bugs once the things are reverted back to normal). This is from experience.

As @MLC8896 said, this bug could be related to the current bugs we are having with some triggers in the Editor. We are working on it :slight_smile:

I finally had it replicated, and on “new maps” as well. At some point, object(s) are systematically deselected by the trigger effect upon testing the map. Once back to the editor, you are then basically prevented to reselect the object(s) in question, the effect automatically removes all selected objects until you quit to Main Menu and reload the scenario.

I can also confirm (after many tests I ran) that the bug involves ALL effects/conditions that use object selection, and not only the Modify Attribute effect like I thought at first.

Pretty sure it’s tied to the last update as this bug started to appear then. Hope it gets fixed indeed, since it’s a real deal breaker.

We’ll see.