Set Queue to make Farms

I’m guessing this is a HUGE NO but I was curious. Can you set your vills being made to make farms?

The best you can do is place a lot of farms with one villager, and set the tc gather point to the not built farms.
There’s a problem there, tho. You spend a lot of wood once, and the farms stay idle for some time. Also, their placements are vulnerable to raiding, as yours unbuilt 1hp farms are visible to enemies, prone to sniping. But if you plan doing that on campaign, then there’s no problem.


Thanks Herian! I was trying to take the easy way out but I guess Ill still point and click!

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Actually, if you drag-select a box around a bunch of villagers and then hit the hotkey A (build), then A again (farm), then hold the SHIFT key while you place a bunch of farms, the villagers will go make all those farms, leaving one villager behind on each one that gets built to tend to it.

NOTE: I use the “HD Hotkeys” profile, which I had manually chosen in the Options screen before. The hotkeys may be different for you if you use a different profile. “Definitive Hotkeys” is the default, for example, and I don’t know what the hotkeys would be for this action. But if you select a villager and hover over the build icon and then the farm icon, you can see the tooltip telling you your hotkeys.

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Alright Ill give that a shot this morning and see if it helps me! Thank you Darkness!

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