“set tech time to 0” no longer works after start of the game

I am the author of “Civilization Alliance”. I notice that after the “Update 93001”, my mod couldn’t work. That is because an error with the AGE: command type 103, which is tech time modifier, now it malfunction.

Usually we “set tech xxx time to 0” to activate a tech, for example, Burmese set lumberjack tech time to 0 in order to get the effect of “free lumberjack upgrade”. This effect still works indeed, but that is beacause it is activated while the game start. However, if this tech is activated after the game start, it will fail. An good example for it is “Cartography”.

“Cartography” is a tech which can share vision with allies. In the past, people need to build a market (or choose Portuguese) to activate this tech. After the market is built, an effect is activated to “set tech Cartography time to 0”. In this way, we can share vision.

Now “Share Vision” have become a game setting. That is, If we choose NOT to share vision before the game start, we can no longer share vision, even if we build a market. Because the command “set tech xxx time to 0” couldn’t work after the game start.

Back to my mod. Civilization Alliance is a mod that strongly relies on this type of command. Therefore, I hope technicians can fix this bug soon, so we can enjoy this mod again.

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@Felizon89 can this be taken away. its breaking a ton of stuff in the mod

@user70 can you change the title of the thread to “set tech time to 0” no longer works after start of the game? rather than AGE issue. GENIE editor simply edit values and game reads it. this is an issue with the game can no longer read properly or the function is simply broken, from the games’ end.

Thank you @user70
We’re now tracking this issue :slight_smile:

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