Setting a meeting point on trees is somewhat annoying

When you set the rally point on the trees, every time the tree runs out, the newly created villagers don’t head to the adjacent trees, and you have to micromanage them yourself. I think they should automatically go and cut down the trees. The old game was like that, I don’t know why they removed it.

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I’m pretty sure it still works like that as long as the next nearest tree is not too far away.


I can attest as of my latest game today that it does not work that way anymore. It used to. Now the peasants will fail to start chopping if:

  1. there is no space around the targeted tree to chop. They stand right next to it doing nothing and do not enter the idle villager queue.
  2. the tree they were targeted to has been completely harvested or destroyed by cannon fire. They go to the point and do not initiate a search for a nearby tree.

There’s already a lot of micromanaging of the economy in this game (which should be improved upon IMO), but yeah, this definitely happens and occurs more often since the latest change to the AI which reduced the range that they’ll search for a new tree after finishing harvesting.

Between this, the villagers defaulting to knock the hunts away from the TC in the worst possible way, and the micromanagement required to harvest herdables, this game has by far the most economic micro of any RTS I’ve ever played. None of these things is a demonstration of skill or tactical decision-making. It’s just attention-consuming clicking required to adapt to poor programming, and it should be improved, IMO.

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