Settings problem

i have a problem , that when i am going with the mouse over the menu(UI) of barracks or any other units
i don’t see the costs , i mean i don’t see how much cost to upgrade something or how much cost elephant archer for example .
when i remember it was appearing when i installed the game firstly

what to do ? what to change ? i have no idea

This is except for not being able to start the game one of the hardest problems to solve. It has happened to many users before you.

Most have been able to solve this problem by creating a new user profile and run the game from that new account. If this works and solves the problem it means some things got messed up in other profile.

it works with another profile .
the question what to do my recent well-known profile that i don’t want to lose

What you could try now is to reset the AOE DE app at your old profile. In order to do so right click the tile and below more click application settings. There you can push button to reset the application.

If the reset went correct after launching the game you should be asked to sign in again with your MS account. Then it will resync your Xbox player profile and the problem might be solved too.

When that works, we know next time to do the application reset immediately. :slight_smile:

i have special hotkeys that i don’t want to lose

so hotkeys it which caused this problem ? weird

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I’m not sure. You might be onto something here as nobody actually knows why and how this issue happens. I never had this issue, but then again I never changed the hotkey definitions. Still I think it has to do with a profile sync error or damaged user profile.

well pal i have to know how did it happened how did you configure the game you can post the settings so all can se where the problem is cause we want to know how to help you in a better way maybe resetting things to default solves the problem you can backup hotkeys in a doc file