Seven New Campaigns by Forgotten Empires Designer


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about the collection of custom campaigns I have put together and posted here at Details and download links are below.

While working on some of the revamped campaigns for AoE:DE, I wanted to keep the original spirit of the campaigns intact. This was great to maintain nostalgia but did not let me stretch as far creatively or touch on histories outside of the original campaigns that Ensemble Studios created. To sort of scratch that itch, I have created a series of campaigns focusing on other civilizations and events. I hope you enjoy them!

Hanno and the African Voyage
Sometime in the 6th century BCE, a Carthaginian crew passed through the Pillars of Herakles and down the West African coast. Led by a man named Hanno, the expedition would travel further than any Carthaginians had gone before. Their feat would not be matched until the Portuguese explorers some two millennia later. As Hanno, take charge of this voyage, fight savage tribes, and return to Carthage laden with the riches of Africa!
Download Here

Uprising of the Five Barbarians
In the 4th century AD, the Jin dynasty was in turmoil. Ruled by a weak Emperor, China was torn apart by jealous and ambitious princes competing for power and influence. Into this fractured empire came the Five Barbarians, fearsome tribes from the northern steppes. While the Goths and Vandals toppled Rome on the other side of the world, the Five Barbarians would make their mark on history by conquering the Middle Kingdom. Play across 3 short scenarios that bring the fall of an empire to life!
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Phoenician Dawn
The Bronze Age is over. The relentless tide of raiders called the Sea Peoples have swept over the old empires, leaving ruin in their wake. Into the void comes a multitude of new peoples fated to ascend to new and greater heights. Among them are the Phoenicians, fishermen and merchants who ply their trade over the waters of the Mediterranean. Lead the Phoenicians and build a trading empire to begin a new dawn of civilization.
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After the Flood
The Anunnaki, gods of the sky and earth, sent forth a great flood to wash away the cities of Sumer. In time, these waters receded and the people once again populated the earth. From the blackened soil arose new cities: Kish, Uruk, Lagash, and Eridu. As King of Kish, defend against Akkadian raids, defeat your rivals, and build a Mesopotamian empire.
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Alexander in India
With Persia conquered, Alexander looked eastward to the lands of India, said to have been conquered by the god Dionysus in primal times. Although the Macedonian king had lost many men in his previous conquests, Alexander’s adventure in India would prove the most dangerous. India would take most of his army and perhaps even cost him his own life. In this 3-scenario campaign, fight Porus on the banks of Hydaspes, battle the Mallians down the Indus River, and go on a journey through a hostile river delta with Nearchus.
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Alexander in Bactria
King Darius is dead but Alexander’s conquest of Persia is not complete. The Persian general Bessus, murderer of the Persian king, incites rebellion in the eastern satrapies of Bactria and Sogdia. Alexander marches onward into these harsh lands that would one day be called ‘the graveyard of empires.’ In this 3-scenario campaign, pursue a regicidal Persian general, battle the Scythians, and fight along the crags of Sogdian Rock.
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Moses, Prince of Egypt
This is the story of Moses: how he was rescued by an Egyptian princess, how he killed an abusive slavemaster, how he went to the land of the Midianites and spoke to God through a burning bush, and how he returned to Egypt with his brother Aaron and freed his people from bondage. Retrace the steps of Moses – man, law-giver, and prophet – and live the story that would become a legend.
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Age of Empires : DE campaign thanks

thank you Downloaded some. Will play them soon just finished birth of rome.


Looks good! Can’t wait to play the Phoenician campaign, I always felt they were somewhat of an overlooked civ in AoE with the preponderance of Hittites/Macedonians/Shang matches.


Guys, be sure to tell me what you think of these scenarios! Feedback is always helpful!


What am supposed to do at the beginning of Hanno and the African Voyage? There are very little resources around the starting area and by the time I am able to convert and produce a fair number of villagers I am rushed by red’s archers and it’s game over.


Are you trying to build in Carthage? You’re Hanno! You’ve been charged with exploring the lands to the west. Don’t hang around Carthage! Get at your mission!


Did that solve the issues you were having, RadiatingBlade?


Thank you for asking.

I thought that the campaign was “Hanno and the African Voyage” but it was actually “After the Flood”, which is the first in the alphabetical list of custom campaigns in-game. Do you have any tips for “After the Flood”?

I streamed “Hanno and the African Voyage” on my fansite Twitch channel and had some difficulty with that campaign as well because the map is very closed off. After about an hour of trying to win the campaign, I quit for the evening. Do you have any additional tips for winning “Hanno and the African Voyage”?

As a side note, I noticed the objective window in the top-right corner of the screen said to “create” the war chests but the scenario instructions said to “recover” the war chests, so you may want to revise the objective to “recover” instead of “create”.


T-West made a playthrough of After the Flood you can watch on youtube. That should give you some insight on his strategy. You need to maximize the use of your Priests early to get your economy going and search for some Gaia Villagers located around your starting area.

Not sure what you mean by that, but there are also playthroughs of this scenario on Youtube by both T-West and Alkhalim that can help if you get stuck.

That cannot be changed, unfortunately. The in-game objectives use an in-game language that scenario designers do not have the ability to alter. Objectives like “Bring 2 Scouts to an Area” will read like “Create 2 Scouts in the Area”.


Thank you for the dedication. It would be nice to more of your work.


Thank you. I’m currently working on a campaign that tells the story of the Biblical Exodus. It will include the Moses, Prince of Egypt scenario released previously, but also cover events before and after those depicted in that scenario. Stay tuned.


I can no longer edit the OP unless I’m missing something, so I’ll use this post to announce an EIGHTH custom campaign! This is a 4-scenario campaign featuring the original Moses, Prince of Egypt scenario plus 3 new scenarios!

The Story of Exodus
This is the story of Exodus: how a people returned to their faith, were freed from bondage, and formed a nation in a promised land. It is the story of Joseph, who saved Egypt from famine; of Moses, who liberated his people from slavery; and of Joshua, the conqueror who delivered a land for his people. The struggles and triumphs of these men would be remembered for millennia and give strength to untold generations. This is their story…
Download Here


Great! This one replace Moses stand alone campaing right? I will try it when i get home. Thanks!


Great! This one replace Moses stand alone campaing right? I will try it when i get home. Thanks!

Correct. The original Moses, Prince of Egypt scenario is the second scenario in The Story of Exodus campaign. For those who have already played that scenario, feel free to “home run” through it as nothing has changed.


I completed them all (on Easy) except Five Barbarians and Exodus and they are all great additions to the game. They have multiple ways to complete them and some are really challenging for me.
I am now having difficult gathering the Food and Gold quickly in Joseph scenario, those cocodriles are dangerous :grin:

EDIT: Did it! Only 90 years left.


Just completed all missions and they were great. Thanks for the time and effort you put in this.


Thank you, Ekvedoj! Glad you enjoyed them.


I made a Let’s Play of the first scenario of my custom campaign, “The Story of Exodus”. During the video, I talk history and just barely win my own scenario! Check it out and let me know what you think!


I really enjoyed playing Hanno, thank you! I’m sure I was a lot slower than I was supposed to be, but I got there in the end. The map was really cool!

I’ve tried to download a new campaign today but any of the links just result in a message: “Sorry! Something has gone wrong. Please try again later.” Any idea what’s going on there? I’ve tried in both Chrome and Edge with the same result.

Thank you in advance for any advice!


Nevermind, I tried again today and it’s working so I’ve downloaded all the campaigns, thank you!