Several bugs two minor, one big fixed by reload and another bigger one

i had a bug where:

  • enemies didn’t came anymore in mongole campaign (fixed after reload and building less walls)

  • a bug where my unit which died didn’t disappeared and still stand upright

  • a bug where a villager T-posed after telling him shortly after getting attacked by a wolf to build something (fixed after garrison the villager)

  • and a bug where i can’t increase the population cap after building houses (120 PL and i building houses didn’t do anything) in the rus campaign (river ugra)

Some of these bugs have already been reported such as units surviving on 0 HP and population limit preventing Mongol buildings from packing up. Please restrict 1 bug per post to enable better bugs tracking. Good work reporting these though!

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okay i am sorry i didn’t know that at this time and i want to apologise but thank you for the feedback - appreciated!

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