Several items to enhance your maps

Hello there,

I’m going to make a list of objects from the scenario editor to embellish your maps.

The list is not exhaustive. Here are the items I often use. You can add more in the thread.

Miscellaneous decorative elements:
PROP Colony (the second object, not the pumpkin) (barrels and creates - Right clic to change object)
PROP Campfire
PROP Native
PROP Mine Props
PROP Poles
PROP Table
SPC Aztec Props
SPC Damaged Props
SPC Graves
SPC Mine Scaffold
SPC YP Gunpowder Stores or SPC AM Gunpowder Stores
PROP YP Japanese Garden

Fences and wall
PROP Wood Wall
PROP Rock Fence
PROP Native (for wood fence - Right clic to change object)
Ruin Wall Large/Medium/Small

Corpse and Rubble
IGC Shipwreck
PROP Casualities / PROP YP Japanese Casualities / PROP Native Casualities
PROP Casuality Cart
PROP Damaged Cannon
Rubble / Rubble Japanese

Knights of the Mediterranean DLC
NAT EU Statue (Statues and Fountains)
NAT EU Cannon (Cannons without crew)
NAT EU Fence (Palace fence)
NAT EU Palace (European city buildings)

Africans Royal DLC Props
Prop Africa
PROP Animal Camel

Environnement, Bushs and plants
Berry Buch
Blueberry Bush
PROP Potted Plants
PROP Plants Bayou
PROP Lake Plants (New England)

Cave and Rock
PROP Cave Props
PROP Big Prop New England
PROP Geyser
PROP Rocks Large / PROP Rock Small

Roads and Bridges
SPC City Streets
SPC Mud Trail
SPC Port
SPC XP Boat Bridge
SPC XP Boat Bridge End

Army and Regiment enhancement
IGC Flag Bearer or IGC Flag Bearer 2
IGC Drummer, NAT Drummer or Unknow Drummer

Farm Animals
Cow, Sheep, Goat
PROP Horse
PROP Animal Chicken

Other small animals
PROP Coot Family / PROP Duck Family / PROP Swan
PROP Eagle’s Nest / PROP Kingfisher