Several new bugs in unit behavior

Hello folks,

I’d like to report the following new bugs that I’ve noticed recently which makes the game quite frustrating to play with these bugs:

  • A group of soldiers cannot stand still any longer and several units in that group are walking in small circles trying to find a place to stay, even though there is plenty with space for that. This wasn’t an issue up until yesterday as far as I’m concerned.

  • Units that manage to stand still are having weird behavior to their standing animations as if it’s bugged out and it looks like someone is giving them an order but then decide to stay right where they are, making a weird animation to occur which is just annoying to watch. This applies to all kind of units, sieges and villagers.

  • Villagers no longer finish a build order which has been given and I need to monitor them to complete the build order by holding down shift & right clicking on every building I want to get build. The same applies with walls etc. This is quite annoying for when you want to build a new lumber camp, and you have 10 villagers, 6 of those might bug out and just stand there to watch and they aren’t continuing to gather wood unless I tell them to again. When this was working as intended, I could just hold down shift and place the new buildings and my villagers were able to finish it successfully and start working right away afterwards.

  • Units having issues moving across the map and whenever they come across with standing units that is in their way, they decide to walk in a loop of circles and is frustrating to see happen.

I might have missed something but I’m pretty sure that I haven’t seen any of these bugs until very recently 1-2 days at maximum so must be new bugs. I’ve experienced most of these bugs in the campaigns, so not sure if the same applies to normal SP & MP games but need to do more testing for that to be sure.

Hey @Fyrapan90! Is there a particular campaign mission you’re seeing these issues in? I popped into 2 different ones and wasn’t able to see this happening, but we’d definitely like to take a look.

Are you able to capture any video of the reported behavior?

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I was playing the The Normans campaign and when I started to notice this it was between the following campaigns:

  • 1216, Dover
  • 1215, Rochester
  • 1217, Lincoln

As far as I remember I started to notice this in the above missions but don’t really remember exactly when I started noticing these bugs. I can try go back and reply some of the previous missions to confirm if this behavior is there as well when I have time.

I’m not sure how to record this and then upload it here, any recommendations how to do it as someone like me who normally don’t record when I play. I probably need a software to do that right?

Edit: I can also confirm that this seems to happen only so far in the Normans campaign, I tried several MP games yesterday with my friends and it was running very smoothly. I will also try other campaigns to see if they share similar issues.

I’ll check these out to see if I can repro the behavior.

If you’re on a Windows PC, easiest way to capture is to use Xbox Game Bar (press WIN + G and then you can find capture on the top bar).