Severe Input Delay

Playing on the most recent version of Windows 10 Home. i7 9th gen, GTX 1660 Ti 16 GB RAM, so pretty good laptop specs.

When I was playing on DE today (after the hotfix) my friend and I were playing while suddenly half way into our game I began experiencing a huge lag when I tried to tell my units where to move. It wasn’t lag in the environment or any particle effects, but my units would take minutes before they would register that I told them to go to a place or attack something so it was unplayable and we had to quit. In fact, even the resign option didn’t work so I had to do alt + f4. Friend did not experience the issue but I did. My wifi is high speed and I am in the server region so it must be an issue with the game.

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If it happens again I will take a video capture.

Hi DaRoughOrchid,

If I am correct the most recent NVIDIA drivers should have added a Driver Feature you can activate that reduces input latency. This might not completely fix the issue, but it might reduce the delay enough to make it more playable!

I hope this helps! :smiley:

Yours Truly,

Hi guys,

I believe I have experienced the same issue, if its the same as mine, chat, menus, etc works in real time, but any in game actions such as trying to move/attack/etc takes super long, and seems like the delay only grows when the issue suddenly appears.

Its seemingly random issue,
probably only happens in multiplayer, doenst seem matter what civ you have, i have had it with 3 different times all different civs, but every time it happened it was quite late in the game (most players in imperial age) other players were not affected, but i was the lobby host/creator every time this happened to me, not sure if its related tho.

definitely something wrong within the game, nvidia driver input latency thing wont change anything.

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I am also getting this issue,

Playing on the latest update a few minutes into a LAN multiplayer game.
Everything I do ingame takes minutes to happen and on the odd occasion I can’t do anything for the entire game.
I can still access settings, but everything from moving and training units to home city shipments to tributes take forever if ever to happen.
Sometimes it passes after a few minutes but sometimes it won’t stop.
Does not affect the other person I’m playing with.
I am hosting the LAN game, no matter what settings I change doesnt fix anything.
I will try to get my friend to host the game and see which one of us develops the issue.


I now have a recorded game in which it happened, issue started about 20 minutes in, continued at least for 30 minutes, game only took that long because I wanted to see if it actually would ever go away.

Heres a link to the recorded game in my google drive for anyone interested:

In the recorded game you cant see the mouse or what buttons are pressed, but just know that i only use keybinds to select and assign groups and use the mouse to click for training new units, buildings, improvements, etc.
its very easy to see when the issue appears, you can see me selecting units when i actually do it, but those units dont do anything until a while later.

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I have also experienced this. I checked for any and all updates to game, gpu, windows, etc and have not had any success. Also, it appears to be random: any civ, any unit. I have only experienced this on multiplayer but connection strength is good, my internet is good. The delay seems to be random as well. Sometimes it is just a few seconds, other times upwards of 15 minutes pass without input registering.


This has happened to me and my wife multiple times. So its still an issue.

Sadly, between this and the consistent crashing, it seems we are unable to finish a game that last 40 minutes or more. I miss that sweet sweet Victory Screen.

I guess I’ll have to teach my wife how to Rush. :wink:

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Same Issue… It’s happening on my son’s computer as well as my computer. It would be nice to get some feedback on this.

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Hi. I have the same issue. Before the last patch, everything was good, but now I can’t play multiplayer games correctly. The delay seems to increase with the size of army, or maybe with IG time.

Still an issue.

All input seems to randomly get a static 0.5 - 3 second delay for most of the game. Happens around 30% of multiplayer games but not for all players.

  • This is not network lag.
  • This is not game-logic lag.
  • This is not FPS lag.
  • This is only input lag.
  • This appears to only happen in multiplayer.
  • This does not appear to have the same severity for all players.

This is occasionally happening to me as well, about 20% of games. I thought it was related to server, but I always show as green ping, and then it happened to me on my native server. Also only happening after the last patch.

its possible we are talking about different issues here, but the issue I have isnt really “input lag”, since input lag is the time that your controller/keyboard/mouse input takes to register. for example, time it takes for the menu to appear or camera to move after pressing the corresponding key(s), or the time it takes for characters to appear as you type something.

The issue is that nothing happens when you attempt to move units even though selecting them happened instantly like normal, moving happens a long while after, regardless of being selected when they actually start to move…

its definitely something wrong with the game itself, my current theory is that either that the game decides to delay sending commands to the host/server or the host/server just doesnt process the commands before some time has passed.

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Same issue here. Only happens when I host, about 1/4 of the time. Has never happened when my wife hosts the game on her PC.

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I have the same issue. For exemple, control group shortcuts send me to my units instantly, but right click or attack move takes few seconds to be effective. This is not possible to micro correctly with this problem. I lose my units before they finally decide to go back.

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Is there a fix?
I get the same issue, 20% of the multiplayer games (norush) i start smooth with 50fps, suddenly it start to have dips after 20-30 (?) min to 0-5fps. Then it becomes unplayable, commands don’t get through. I can’t even resign.
Other players don’t have the issue.

Game laggs behind (i know because of team voice chat) and they see stuff i will only get to see in 3-5minutes

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This issue is being tracked and we are working on it to fix it ASAP. Thanks for all your reports!


Glad to hear that. In case this helps, here is a video of me experiencing the issue. This issue has happened to me a few times (all of them when playing against AI, though it may not be limited to that).

thank you for your answer !