Shang Fortress I did!

I had time to spare and was browsing stuff and felt inspired to submit my first town screenshot, ever!


This is a nice Chinese town (I believe it is Chinese, the blue colour on the wall gives me Chinese vibes, sorry if it is meant to be Japanese).

Is it supposed to be a Medieval version of Shanghai ?

No shanghai didn’t existed in medieval time. xD. Current day Shanghai was still ocean back then the land was created by the deposit of yangtze river, much much later.

Shang is 商 in Chinese. A dynasty in central plain of China around yellow river and ruled from 1600 to 1100 BC. I am Chinese I was born in the city that was the ancient capital of Shang Dynasty :slight_smile: in our city there is still a famous part of city wall remains from Shang Dynasty, it is 3000 years old

So just a bit of info not trying to argue but more like telling history to others who doesn’t know