Share your favourite exploit

With revolt decks fixed and the Japan isolation damage consulate gone, I thought it would be nice to discuss the remaining exploits left. This is to promote the devs to fix them and out of my own curiosity…

  1. My current favourite. Simply sent the medicine card as Dutch. - 15% villager train time and cost. Sent in age too. For Dutch it actually turns villager cost to 85 coin and - 15 food! So you gain 15 good everytime you queue a villager and you lose 15 food when you dequeue a vill.
    to really exploit this you need to have little food in stock and lots of gold. Then you queue lots of vills and gain food. With this food you queue skirms for example, then you dequeue the vills. You can not drop below 0 food so you can’t lose the food you already spent on soldier when deqeuing the vills. effectively food free milliaty. Quite click intensive but in fortress age this has a short window of usability.

  2. Secondly the India and China British consular ally onfity hp Stacking. It is basically the exact same thing as the recently fixed Japan isolation damage Stacking. I can’t belive the devs fixed Japan and left this in game. Together with the card that changes relationship cost to 25 you can non stop keep Stacking, but it takes quite long. +2% HP around every 3 minites, that’s just 20% in 30 minutes, so it’s not as good as wanderlust for South Africa in terms of growth rate but atleast you can get to imp, also a constant rate independent of experienc, but requires constant consulate attention which is quite unfun. . Works best on Indian Elefants.

Do you have any other exploits that can are done by just playing the game? Note that anything that is done outside of the game by external problems or file editing is cheating. Please use the methods shared here only against ai.


Hi @Geojak92, Please report exploits to the community team here and do not promote them on the forums per the forum code of conduct.