THIS unit is op 23 range and they do hit and run and in age 4 they get 24 range and a card what ship 22 units more wtf with this game

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sharpshooters have nearly the same attack delay as longbows of .98 seconds last I checked, so hit and run should be impossible. they also have a 14-unit shipment age 4 instead of 22.

I believe your mixing state militia and sharpshooters. sharpshooters have 25 less hit points, reduced to 13 less ranged hit points when compared to skirmishers. Damage output is the same, their range is their one advantage to compensate for lower hp and higher attack delay.


sharpshooter is a pretty pointless unit in the US roster, the faction would still be complete without it cause it adds nothing, at a higher tier you have gattlingguns and as a cheaper (and better) alternative you have state militia, hell you even got inherent mercenary and native American sharpshooter equivalent.

the unit concept is honestly wasted on the USA.


Actually, sharpshooter is a up unit and unable to h&r :thinking:.

If you age with Kentucky there is a card that gives 2 sharpshooters for every shipment sent in the game that costs 500 resources. I’m not sure there is an upper limit but at any rate 11 shipments sent would be a 22 sharpshooter shipment.

I’ve played games against AI where I sent upwards of 60 so there’s no limit as far as I’m aware. If someone has a real answer feel free to correct me.


Sharpshooters are not OP at all. If your opponent spams sharpshooters build some artillery or hussars.

I feel sharpshooters like actual trash. Die easy and are more expensive than normal skirmishers.