Shennong Fire Lances

Do these units (Shennongs fire lances) have a damage cap, and if so, what is it? I went through the game files and didn’t find anything clearly documented. They seem to do nearly unlimited dmg to closely packed units

They don’t have damage cap.

thank for that terrifying, yet expected, information. I’m sure that’s not exploitable at all

None of the units with area attack have damage cap. God powers usually have damage cap.
One more important info: attacks with area effect (value2>1 in the proto) don’t use “damage per second” for damage calculation, they use “damage per hit”. It means that Shennong’s Fire Lance with 1attack/1.5second does 33% less damage against a single unit than Fuxi’s or Nuwa’s Fire Lance (but with area effect). Against buildings they do +65% damage compared to Fuxi/Nuwa Fire Lances.

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