Shift and control functions

Hello Microsoft and community,

first of all i am sorry for my bad english skills, i am still improving.
i want to thank you for making age I again and thank you for the community forum.
Me and a lot of other gamers are grown up with RTS games like Age I & II, Empire Earth, C&C and we still play and love these games.
I am really exited about Age I and curious what you will do in the future. Hopefully microsoft will revive the RTS genre.

My suggestion for Age I is hard to describe for me in english:

  1. In Empire Earth you could give units many commands, very fast with the shift key, please use the functions too.
  2. The functions of the shift and control key was awesome and really professional made and make the whole gameplay smooth.

Best regards


Agreed, this seems to be an essential utility for this type of game nowadays.

They didn’t change that in AoK, so I don’t think they’ll change that in AoE. You can use shift only to walk to multiple locations.