Shift click - eject unit from TC

I use DE grid hotkeys layout and “G” button as a shortcut for Eject Unit command. So, when I want to quickly move my villager from one side of Town Center to the other side I do this:

  1. Left click to villager
  2. Right click to TC (villager goes towards TC)
  3. Left click to TC
  4. Wait until villager enters TC
  5. Press G button to eject unit (assume target point is already set to correct place).

But… I think I saw once or twice in some recordings that a player commands a villager to go to TC and task him also to leave TC somehow at the same time. He didn’t wait unit villager enters TC to press “Eject unit” button. He somehow tasked villager also to leave TC and moved camera elsewhere. A few seconds later an “eject bell” rings without him doing anything.

Is it possible to do it? How?
I tried to use combination with Shift button but it didn’t work.

You must have seen a decent/high-level player:

  1. Left click to a villager
  2. Right-click to TC
  3. Most likely use select TC shortcut (to select tc) and quickly right-click pointer onto next resource.
  4. He then might have moved the camera onto the next task (could be anything like moving explorer, army, etc)
  5. While this is going on, he must have been using the eject key to eject villager onto the desired previously pointed resource. Obviously, you wouldn’t have been able to see this happen on stream.

Note: He probably has the snap to unit/hotkey (not sure what it’s called) disabled, which does not pan the camera when you press the hotkey. This is most likely what gives the, “He somehow tasked villager also to leave TC and moved camera elsewhere” illusion.


This is what I suspected :slight_smile: But I wanted to ask in case there is any trick I’m not familiar with.
Thank you for clarification!

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